Wiccan Jewelry – Beautiful, Powerful and Magickal!
Wiccan Jewelry – Beautiful, Powerful and Magickal!

The Origins of Wicca and Wiccan Jewelry

Wiccan Jewelry is as much a part of the Wiccan lifestyle as spells and rituals!

Entrenched in England at the time of the first half of the 20th century, Wicca is best pertained to as a modern-day pagan, witchcraft religious beliefs. It calls into play an unique array of ancient pagan and 20th century hermetic concepts for its theological framework and ritual practice.

Wicca is a remarkably peaceful, harmonious, and well-balanced mindset and life which encourages oneness with the divine and all which exists. Witchcraft is a sacred system that cultivates the free thought and desire of the individual. It encourages learning and an understanding of the earth and nature consequently affirming the divinity in all living things.

The majority of Wiccans believe intently in magic, a manipulative pressure exercised via the practice of witchcraft or sorcery. Even so, these views are not immoral but more a reflection of the balance and will of Nature and all it supplies.

Real Spells Of Magic

Using Wiccan Jewelry to Express One’s Lifestyle and Beliefs

Authentic Wiccan Jewelry is a mark by which people have the ability to symbolize themselves. Blend this desire toWiccan jewelry self-expression with an instinct to spirituality, and it’s obvious to see the key reasons why this type of jewelry is so highly sought after and proudly worn.

As explained in more detail below, a popular component of Wiccan Protection Jewelry is versions of the Tree of Life and the 5 classical elements spotted most consistently as a pentacle.

Irrespective of the source of inspiration, it’s entirely possible to find perfect pieces to express a spiritual nature with style.

The World Loves Inspirational Jewelry!

Insight and spirituality is not confined to Christianity, of course. Inspirational jewelry is experienced in every corner of the spiritual world, particularly in the earth religions also consisting of Wicca and witchcraft.

Amulets and jewelry have a very important function to play in mystical ritual for many individuals. Many companies cater to those who like to honor Mother Earth through the wearing of Wiccan movement jewelry, specifically with a Triple Moon Goddess styled piece.

Recently, it isn’t just followers of the Earth religions that wear Celtic rings, although they were first associated with the ancient times. Wiccans and pagans in the same manner find significance and inspiration in Celtic jewelry, though the detailed and symbolic designs interest people of all types.

The Mix of Wicca, Witchcraft and Chakras

authentic wiccan jewelry

Chakra necklaces and various other such items are a popular choice for those motivated by the Eastern religions. The wearing and use of crystals also have inspirational relevance for many. Those people who believe in such things find that crystals inspire by virtue of their cosmic physical properties.

Religion isn’t the one and only place from which to draw inspiration. Engraving inspirational quotes on sterling silver jewelry – bracelets, rings, and charms – is a nice way to go in a particularly personal direction as far as Wiccan jewelry is concerned.

As it is already perfectly clear, the term “inspirational jewelry” can take on a variety of meanings. No matter where a person happens to draw their individual meaning, purpose, and inspiration, it’s plausible to seek out a piece of Wiccan jewelry to express and announce this meaning.

Why Silver is so Popular in Wiccan Jewelry

Almost everyone enjoys wearing silver jewelry, from artists and rock musicians to wiccans, pagans, surfers, and women and men from all walks of life. This valuable metal glows gently or vibrantly with what seems like an unworldly, shimmer. It appears like a slice of captured moonlight worn by the wearer and imbuing them with wizardly and mystical powers.

Pure silver is harder than gold. Silver features the whitest color and can be brushed to the highest shine of any metal.

For years silver has been the metal of choice for jewelry and ‘objet de art’ for most if not all mystical traditions. Used to ‘draw down the moon’ throughout pagan lunar ceremonies and to represent the goddesses Lunae, Isis, Diana and Selena.

Silver items are believed to empower the wearer or the user with psychic capacities and intuitive perception.
Silver is also said as being calming and protective.  Since money has been manufactured from silver for 1,000’s of years it is also said to draw money to the wearer.

Sterling Silver Wiccan Jewelry Has Romantic Foundations

Silver is connected with the Moon and so they both are interwoven, when a man or woman is wearing silver, they inevitably bring the moon with them wherever they go. They can make use of and use the moon’s power whenever they need. It is one facet of the Great Goddess of All and helps to always keep her close.

Silver can reflect both the light of the moon and the sun and so can also work as a protective guard against negativity.

Very small silver globes or beads can be worn to ensure security and protection and protect against evil motive.

Silver Has So Many Magickal Properties!

Wearing silver jewelry can be used to amplify psychic powers and all at once provide protection to the wearer against being overcome.

Wearing silver while you sleep can help to give you psychic dreams, time travel or work as an anchor during the course of travel between one reality and another. It inspires balance and energy to those who feel stressed out by their increasingly busy, belligerent yang world.

Silvers affiliation with the moon and mystical or religious traditions is 1,000’s of year old. It is among the oldest metals to have been refined in history. Also used as money, for trade, in ceremonies for Pagan, Christian and Asian traditions, as dowry, and to decorate the bodies of VIP’s throughout history.

The Celtic Triquetra is a Much-Loved Wiccan Jewelry Favorite!


The Triquetra is a fascinating trinity knot style Celtic symbol in the shape of a triangle. It is very popular as a design element for everything from custom pillows, to clothing designs, to tattoos. In detail it features three interlocking loops, which may or may not be accompanied by a geometric circle.

Pagan groups like to lay claim to it as their own. For them it represents the three stages of the Triple Goddess (virgin, mother, and old woman). Yet modern pagans like to use this sign to mean other things linked to nature. German pagans believe the symbol is very old and perhaps of Norse or old German origins. They like to believe it stands for land, sea and sky.

Neo-Wiccans also like to utilize the Triquetra for the earth, sea and sky symbolism or to denote father, mother and child. Yet other pagans claim this old Celtic symbol indicates life, death and rebirth. If there is a circle going along with the three interlocking loops it could possibly have another meaning, such as eternity or the infinite.

Maybe you would like to present an antique Wiccan jewelry Celtic Triquetra necklace or ring to your loved one and bring about a claim regarding its meaning. Your thought will be equally valid as the old traditional ones. All of it boils down to personal interpretation.

Which Wiccan Jewelry Piece is Right for You?

Whether you favorite is the Celtic Triquetra, a Tree of Life Pendant, a pentacle or a pentagram, if the piece feels right to you, then it is the right piece!

You are going to be drawn to the piece, possibly even feel its energy! You will feel almost as though it has chosen you and not the other way around.

If you feel yourself drawn to witchcraft and spiritual jewelry then you will most likely love Vampire and Gothic jewelry too!

Once you experience these telling and true sensations, you can be reassured that you have found the exact style or piece of Wiccan Jewelry that is most ideal for you!

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