When Is the Ideal Time to Post on WordPress?
When Is the Ideal Time to Post on WordPress?

When Is the Ideal Time to Post on WordPress?

When Is the Ideal Time to Post on WordPress: Do you want to discover the optimum time to publish your content for most engagement?

If so, stay reading to learn how to choose the best time to publish in order to receive more visitors, comments, social shares, and backlinks.

Discover how WordPress experts in the Philippines choose the best time to publish on WordPress!

How to utilize WordPress to determine the best time to post.

You’re looking for fresh ways to persuade visitors to read your content now that you’ve begun building your online presence with your business website.

While WordPress web developers have various tactics for generating traffic to their site, you may be wondering if publishing content at a specific time and day can help you obtain more visitors.

when is the ideal time to publish on wordpress

The best time to upload material on WordPress has been determined through research.

According to numerous forms of data, most individuals read blogs on Monday mornings. Others noticed no difference in traffic or shared count during the week.

Given this, we can conclude that the best time to post on the website varies. Furthermore, it is greatly reliant on your target audience.

As a result, you must conduct tests to determine the best time and day to post on your WordPress website. It is a good idea to try multiple times and days to see which receives the most users.

Here’s how to determine your best WordPress publishing time.

Millions of posts are published online daily, so you must organize your content carefully if you want to be successful.

Choosing the optimum time and date to publish articles is crucial so that they don’t get buried amid your competitors’ hundreds, if not thousands, of postings.

Three elements, according to Themeisle, determine the best timing to publish content:

The goal of your post
Your target audience’s demographics
Your adversary

Using MonsterInsights to determine the best time to upload content on WordPress is a time-saving strategy. This is a Google Analytics plugin for WordPress websites, which is used by millions of businesses as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Customers can use MonsterInsights to track visitor data in real-time, which aids in choosing the best time to post on WordPress.

Here are two methods that WordPress specialists in the Philippines use to determine the best time to publish articles and blog posts on WordPress websites:

Method 1: Examine the publication schedule.

By default, Google Analytics does not track the posting times of your blog entries. However, this tracking feature can be introduced to MonsterInsights via a custom dimension.

These custom dimensions help track additional data, such as famous authors, popular post categories, and the best time to publish.

Furthermore, no new code is necessary to implement specific measurement tracking on your website.

So, how do you use the MonsterInsights plugin?

Follow the instructions below:

First, install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin.

You will be transported to Insights from your WordPress dashboard after activating the plugin.

Click “Start Wizard” to add Google Analytics to your WordPress website.

Then, on your WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Insights,” then “Addons,” and finally the “Dimensions” plugin.

Click the “Install” button to automatically activate the plugin.

Then go to “Insights” and click on the “Settings” tab.

Then, under the “Conversions” menu, select “Custom Dimensions.”

Select “Add New Custom Dimension” to add the publication time tracking function.

Then, in the dropdown menu, pick “Published on.”

Finally, save your changes.

You must create dimensions in Google Analytics 4 after installing and activating MonsterInsights.


Take the following steps:

Begin by logging into your Google Analytics 4 account.

Then, click the “Create Customization” button after selecting “Customizations.”

Next, enter the relevant information about your new custom dimension. Include the dimension’s name as well as a brief description here. You may call it “Best publishing time,” for example.

Then, from the dropdown menu, select “Event” to specify the range.

Then, for the dimension, you must give an event parameter, which will also appear in the reports.

Finally, save your modifications by clicking the “Preserve” option.

You now have a custom Google Analytics dimension that you can use to track the best time to publish to your WordPress website. It can also tell you when your website gets the most visitors.

Thanks to MonsterInsights, the “Dimensions” report will display in your WordPress dashboard. To begin, go to your dashboard’s “Insights” section and then to “Reports.”

Then, choose the “Dimensions” report to view your page views over various time periods and dates.

Finally, go over the report to determine when is the best time to publish your WordPress articles and blog posts.

METHOD 2: Monitoring of visitors in real-time.

You can use the MonsterInsights plugin’s “real-time” report to track the number of visitors you receive after publishing and advertising an article or blog post in WordPress, as well as to evaluate the publishing schedule.

Follow the instructions below:

Select “Reports” from the “Insights” tab in your WordPress dashboard.

Then, select “Real-time” to view the report in real-time.

The report will display your real-time data once you publish a post and share it with your target audience.

The report can assist you in determining the best time to publish your articles and blog posts.

Have you discovered something new as a result of this article? We hope you enjoyed it!

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