What to Do on New Year’s Eve 2020 “the year of the coronavirus” is a huge question. We hope you enjoy reading this New Year’s Eve party events article, but it’s potluck this year. How many of them will take place must be in question. For those that do go ahead, most will be restricted in some way. However, with a bit more forethought than usual, it needn’t be a potluck event for you! Plan ahead and you will be able to make your New Year’s Eve everything you hope it will be.

It really is potluck this year in the globally accepted meaning of the term as a situation in which one must take a chance that whatever is available will prove to be good or at least acceptable! So, do take care to check before attending any of those we mention.

Before we leave the subject of potluck and what to do on New Year’s Eve, all you North Americans are no doubt reading this and thinking of potluck rather differently, as a meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish. That in fact is our first New Year’s Eve event idea. If you are planning to host a new year’s eve party this year, you might want to consider making the party a pot luck event. Most people consider potlucks for picnics and parties for other occasions.

A potluck is rarely considered when throwing a new years eve party. We think that is a shame. A potluck is a good idea for a fun new years eve party. Some hosts may be hesitant to ask their guests to contribute a dish for the party but there are a few ways to make the potluck a great deal of fun. While a potluck new years eve party greatly reduces the responsibility of the host in terms of food preparation, it is important for the host to remember he or she will still be responsible for coordinating the meal. This is important because dinner will not likely be served immediately when guests arrive. Beverages should also be carefully considered when planning a potluck eve party. Finally, when planning a dinner potluck it is important to ensure guests are aware of any dietary restrictions which should be considered when booking and making the food for the party. Now there’s a great idea on what to do on New Year’s Eve!

Fantastic New Year’s Eve City Parties

The great cities for celebrating New Year’s Eve all around the world:

  • New York City, USA.
  • Hong Kong, China.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Paris, France.
  • Sydney, Australia.
  • London, United Kingdom.
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • New Orleans, USA. via urban-hub.com
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For fantastic new year revelry, check out popular bars and nightclubs in these cities that throw some of the best parties on New Year’s Eve. It’s a fact that many of these will either not occur this year due to the COVID-19 crisis so maybe they are not such a good idea for what to do on New Year’s Eve this year. But normally it’s a time to get out, party, and meet new people. Cities offer some of the best opportunities to have a good time on New Year’s Eve. In some, the festivities go on for days or even weeks. But which cities offer the best New Year’s bashes in the world? The cities we have listed were chosen not just for their great end-of-the-year offers, but also for their overall value as tourist destinations. After all, if you’re going to travel to a city for New Year’s, it’s a good idea to plan some extra time for sight-seeing.

Paris is a great place to finish the year in style and, according to many travel blogs, it is also one of the most popular places in the world to spend  “le Reveillon” (New Year’s Eve in French).

What to do on New Year’s Eve – New Year’s Eve Party Events in Cairo

This proved very popular in recent years so we would hope to see the same again for an idea of what to do on New Year’s Eve 2020/1. Most cities in the northern hemisphere are holding back on promoting their New Year’s city celebrations this year due to coronavirus health worries – so not such a good what to do on New Year’s Eve this year. Cairo, in Africa, does, however, appear to be promoting events for New Years Eve 2021. At first, this may come as a surprise, as you may remember a popular uprising took place followed by several years of troubles in the country. Until recently that very much reduced the priority on festive celebrations, but the country of Egypt is now well on the way to recovering. Once more, it is again becoming a place well worth considering as a New Year destination in a fantastic part of the world. For the celebrations to welcome the new year, starting in 2018, the authorities in Cairo made an extra effort in an attempt to boost the attractiveness of the city as a New Year’s eve tourist destination. The main attraction was with a spectacular fireworks display and light show over the pyramids. Another great celebrating option is to get aboard Cairo NYE cruising ships. Many cruises will offer holiday celebrations including NYE countdown dinner and champagne on a romantic voyage down the Nile river. There is a trend to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays in a foreign city that you have never been to before. If you are for this trend, Cairo city in Egypt is highly suggested for your next coming holidays. Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab world and Africa. Its metropolitan area is the 16th largest in the world. It is one of the unique new year destinations in the world for new year celebrations. As always, if you end up stuck at home you can always seek out live camera websites. These have popular ways to watch the live streaming of Cairo New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Unusual New Year’s Eve Celebrations in the US

Still wondering what to do on New Year’s Eve this year? There are numerous celebrations and traditions in addition to fireworks that you may not be familiar with. Some are really unusual. New York drops an 11,875 pound ball covered in 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles. Other cities have found inventive (and no doubt less expensive) alternatives. In New Orleans, a fleur-de-lis is dropped in Jackson Square, while a spectacular fireworks show erupts over the Mississippi River. In Mobile, Alabama, a 600-pound electronic Moon Pie is the drop item of choice. Yes, a Moon Pie. In Hagerstown, Maryland, the city celebrates by dropping a doughnut replica at 7 p.m. Start the evening with free doughnuts and hot chocolate at Krumpe’s Do-nuts. Fans of pickles will love to book the festivities in Mount Olive, North Carolina. In Atlanta, which holds the largest New Year’s Eve celebration in the southeastern USA, it should come as no surprise that the object dropped is a peach. Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, where they produce over a million pounds of mushrooms each week, a 500-pound stainless steel mushroom is dropped 85 feet to the ground in Kennett Square, to mark the New Year. Floating flowers are part of Brazil’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Key West will drop a conch shell and a drag queen, Miami will drop an orange, and Sarasota will drop a pineapple. Tallapoosa will drop a stuffed possum. The Brasstown live possum drop is not happening this year, having been blocked by a PETA lawsuit. On the upper reaches of the Mississippi River, in the small town of Prairie du Chien, Wisc. Prairie of the Dog”), an almost week-long Carp Fest that includes a town football game and an ice fishing day, culminates with the “droppin’ of the carp” on New Year’s Eve.

Best Places to Spend New Years in the US

In the U.S. New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular times of the year to go out and celebrate. New York City is the most famous place to spend New Year’s Eve in the United States, thanks to the legendary party thrown every year in Times Square. Millions join in by television to watch the countdown in Times Square culminated by the New Year’s Eve ball drop. Dripping with as much southern charm as Spanish moss, pedestrian-friendly Savannah is the perfect home base for NYE festivities. Spend the day exploring the 22 different squares, antebellum mansions and cobblestone streets in the historic district, including Forrest Gump’s infamous bus stop in Chippewa Square. Anchorage, Alaska is a great place for families to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020 and ski. Festivities kick off just after sunset, with a dance party at 5 pm and a kid-friendly fireworks spectacular that lights up the night sky just past 8 pm. However, what’s really attractive about this NYE destination city is the Torchlight Parade. Volunteer skiers and snowboarders whiz past in a wintery procession full of light and magic. So, normally New York is a top place on our list of what to do on New Year’s Eve.

Chicago is a great place to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020. Many hotels in the Windy City offer package deals that entice travellers from all over the world to visit. Enjoy dazzling fireworks along the shores of Lake Michigan or put on your dancing shoes and spend the evening listening to live DJ sets and superb jazz performances. First Night Boston is the coolest New Year’s Eve event in the U.S. The place offers endless ways to ring in 2020 like family-friendly activities, live musical performances along with magnificent ice sculptures. The first night offers bedtime-friendly firework for children in the evening and a pyrotechnic show at midnight. Still, asking “what to do on New Year’s Eve”? Be a part of more than a million people gathering for the city’s signature New Year’s Eve celebration, a lifetime experience. San Francisco is one of the most visited cities in the United States for the celebration of new years eve celebration. The city of San Francisco organizes a good number of New Year’s Eve parties/events as well as the grand fireworks to welcome the new year. However, you just need to plan your new years eve trip early to get the best experience.

New Years Eve Masquerade Ball At Morton’s Members Club

Morton’s new years eve masquerades ball, London, is an evening to remember with fine food, good company and holiday cheer. Enjoy Morton’s full standard menu of mouthwatering appetizers, award-winning wines, decadent desserts and our wide variety of USDA prime-aged steak and fresh seafood options. Morton’s private member’s club is located in the exclusive and prestigious Berkeley Square in Mayfair and will be the host of one of London’s most exclusive New Years Eve parties to see in the year 2020 – Morton’s New Years Eve Masquerade Ball. This event normally takes place on the ground floor of Morton’s, which will is transformed into a glamorous Masquerade Ballroom, and there is live entertainment. The music is provided by one of London’s top DJs with a mixture of commercial R&B, Hip hop and house, but it is very unlikely to take place this year in the normal way due to the coronavirus. Travel and group sizes may be restricted depending upon Covid Alert Level.

Be the First Powerball Millionaire of the Year

The first Powerball Millionaire of the year will be announced live on television just after midnight on new year’s day 2021. So, an idea of what to do on New Year’s Eve is to buy a Powerball ticket. This will be a special competition which culminates with one lucky player winning $1 million just after midnight on New Year’s Day. The first such promotion took place on New Year’s Eve in 2020 and saw a winner from Maine become Powerball’s first millionaire of the year. The 2021 First Powerball Millionaire promotion has now launched and will see players from 26 states vying for the chance to win $1 million during this year’s edition of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve in New York. The winner will be chosen by a random draw live on TV during the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve broadcast in New York City. “Even though many aspects of our lives have changed, the ball will still drop and a new year will begin. This year’s experience might be different, but the shot at winning a million dollars remains,” said Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Sarah M. Taylor 39 s. Since 1992, POWERBALL® has inspired the country with a chance to become a millionaire, while raising nearly $22 billion for good causes supported by lotteries. To qualify for the drawings, you must purchase a Powerball ticket valued at $10 for that draw.

Disneyland New Year’s Events for 202o/1

We base our calendar below on events at the resort, past crowd trends, and school holidays to help us determine when to expect crowds. Most guests really want to know crowd levels before they decide when to visit Disneyland. With the pandemic still very much impacting Disney Parks around the world, many are wondering whether a New Year’s celebration is still on the books for Disney this year. Here’s what we know so far and what we think Guests can expect from Disney Parks when it comes to New Year’s Eve. The Disney Parks are known for their spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations. Year after year, crowds flock to Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida in celebration of the New Year. Typically, the holiday decorations are still up, Christmas music still plays throughout the theme parks, and the air is chilly enough to make guests feel like it’s truly the Most Wonderful Time of Year. Keep in mind that Disney has not yet made an announcement about whether or not a New Year’s celebration will occur at Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort this year. So, it does look as if this option is a doubtful choice this year when considering what to do on New Year’s Eve.

The Fantasia Ballroom at Disney’s Contemporary Resort becomes the setting for a sensational evening where you can wander through tempting tasting stations and indulge in an assortment of libations for party-goers of all ages before partying it up on the dance floor. Wondering what to do on New Year’s Eve? You could delight in a stunning display of culinary sorcery and personal interactions with the Disney Chefs as they build sensational bites right before your eyes inspired by Disney signature restaurants from across Walt Disney World Resort. With a live band providing the backdrop, you’ll be able to dance and dine all the way to the New Year. This special celebration features a savoury menu inspired by Spanish cuisine. Entertainment includes an electric flamenco guitarist who will delight you during your meal with exciting melodies alongside a DJ in Dalhia Lounge who will lead the New Year countdown! And from the windows of the restaurant and the Dalhia Lounge balcony, you’ll take in spectacular views of Walt Disney World Resort with glimpses of incredible Disney fireworks displays in the distance. Before deciding what to do on New Year’s Eve in this example you really must find out whether the event will be held this year.

Top US Things to Do on New Year’s Eve

Most people associate New Orleans with Mardi Gras, but the city can also provide a first-rate New Year’s Eve experience. The last night of the year turns the entire city into a party, with people drifting between elegant cocktail bars and grungy nightclubs. Many venues offer free entry, meaning that it’s relatively easy to spend New Year’s here, even if you’re making your plans at the last minute. At midnight, head to Jackson Square to watch the fireworks and the city’s trademark fleur de lis drop, which take place at midnight over the Mississippi River. Las Vegas is a party no matter what the time of year, but the city is particularly exciting on New Year’s Eve when the Strip is closed to traffic and given over entirely to the people determined to party. Shows and parties can be found in all the city’s casinos, bars, and showrooms, but even the streets are filled with people decked out in party hats and their finest clothes. As if that’s not enough, the midnight fireworks show is choreographed by the city’s casinos and is big enough to rival the show put on in Times Square.

What to do on New Year’s Eve? – how about going to Florida? The beautiful Florida Keys are known for their tropical beaches and vibrant nightlife, and they’re the perfect place to spend your New Year’s Eve if you want to escape the cold. Visitors can end the year with a sunset sail, a rowdy beach party, or a tasty seafood dinner, but anyone looking for the biggest party in the Keys should head to Key West. Many of the other islands offer great celebrations as well; midnight fireworks are held on Islamorada and Key Largo, and a popular beach barbecue with live performers takes place on Morada Bay Beach. Nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Aspen is a great place to spend New Year’s whether you’re interested in spending the day skiing with your loved ones, attending an exclusive concert, or enjoying an elegant champagne toast at midnight. Two sets of New Year’s Eve fireworks are held over Aspen Mountain: One show takes place at 8 p.m. Most accommodation and event tickets typically sell out well in advance, so it’s best to plan your trip as soon as possible. We hope you will like these best happy new year things to be doing on a New Year eve.

Where to Watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Every year, San Francisco Bay lights up with a dazzling midnight fireworks display that can be seen from most spots along the city’s Embarcadero. Arrive early to choose a premium spot (insider tip: along the waterfront side of the Ferry Building) and bring along a picnic. Beat the what to do on New Year’s Eve holiday blahs by ringing in the new year in Hawaii. Honolulu’s Waikiki Beach is the site of an impressive fireworks display at midnight over the Pacific Ocean. Some 100,000 watchers enjoy around 10 minutes of fireworks with musical accompaniment on a local radio station. Washington, D.C., doesn’t host a major fireworks display for New Year’s, but nearby Alexandria fills the gap with its family-friendly First Night celebration. Festivities include midnight fireworks over the Potomac River as well as music, magic shows, face painting, and a city-wide Fun Hunt. Kids 12 and under get in free. Adult tickets are $30 in advance; $35 on New Year’s Eve. The fireworks are free for everyone, so this is our best idea of what to do on New Year’s Eve “for free”.

Fireworks are twice as nice in Philadelphia, which lights up the Delaware River with two free shows. The first, at 6 p.m., is ideal for families and others who prefer to turn in early. The second blasts off at midnight for New Year’s traditionalists. Queen Victoria Park, on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, hosts a massive New Year’s party every year. The bash includes a fireworks display at midnight and a free concert featuring four bands. Other Can’t-miss events include a Floral Showhouse, open during the day, and the Winter Festival of Lights, which illuminates a 5-mile route through the park and beyond. Dallas used to host one of the region’s largest New Year’s Eve celebrations, Big D NYE. Unfortunately, the event went on hiatus three years ago and shows little sign of returning. Denver’s 16th Street Mall is the place to be for two free New Year’s Eve fireworks shows – making another “What to do on New Year’s Eve” idea at no cost! Cover up in a bundle of clothes! especially if you will be standing still in a piazza, or to watch fireworks.

Fun Things to Do on New Year’s Eve

How to throw a new year’s eve party for the kids – ideas for a new year’s eve party with kids. Tons of fun suggestions. Six tools for organizing your homeschool space – need some homeschool room organizing ideas for the new year? find them here along with a daily challenge to refresh your room for new years. Here are five ways to celebrate new year s eve at home and make it a night to remember. Eat a tasty dinner. Fun things to do on new years eve at home this is what people think when they wish to welcome the new year with only near ones the year is coming to an end and everyone around is getting geared up to welcome the new year 2019. 5 fun but cheap activities for your new year s eve party. Shop by category eBay family new years eve new year s eve celebrations new year s eve crafts. Glam home new year s eve party that is parent-kid approved kids new years eve party ideas decorations. Fun things to do for new year s eve with kids with images new year s eve activities kids new years eve family new years eve. Fun things to do for new year s eve with kids fun squared kids Christmas party new years eve new year celebration. Romantic ideas for new year s eve at home eHow com simple holidays new years eve traditions new year. I make all the kids stand by the cake and we take a picture. Dorky, with bad lighting because it’s usually late in the evening, but a fun way for me/us to mark the years.

Many people will still be restricted by local regulations on movement, and on meeting up with friends and family this year,  let alone throwing a New Yera’s Eve Party for all that wish to come. This is due to COVID-19 health risks. We recommend one fun thing that everyone can do is to give all your friends an electronic New Year’s Eve Card via social media or email and these are available at AnnCards. Visit AnnCards to download your free New Year’s Cards and send them out after Christmas with your special New Year’s Greeting!

End the year with the year’s best meal

Forego the stress of cooking a big meal for the whole family and eat out at one of many restaurants in Breckenridge providing holiday dining. Most restaurants are open for Christmas Eve, Christmas and NewYear’s Eve, but may have a separate fee for holiday dinners. It includes a buffet meal, beach ball and balloon drop, bubbly cider toast, games and giveaways, admission to the aquarium and special animal appearances, plus a visit from Sharkey, the venue’s mascot. Cook an amazing meal for your family or loved ones. And, then bring your friends together and make a new years resolution altogether.

Do New Year’s on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

You can find plenty of dancing, DJs, laser shows and drag cabaret on New Years in New Orleans. Head to the 800 block of Bourbon Street to check out the LGBTQ parties. In New Orleans, New Year’s Eve is that happy occasion between Christmas and Twelfth Night. It’s a time to welcome in the new year with family and friends. There’s food, and – always – a band, and plenty of festivities to ring in the new year New Orleans style. Have a Bourbon Street destination waiting for you and your guests after dinner at a prime time so you can be “above the crowd” on World Famous Bourbon Street to ring in the New Year. Bourbon street is high energy fun with plenty to see. Yes, not totally appropriate for the young ones, but still a sight to see. Love walking along, hearing the music and watching the people.

For the biggest party in the city, head to Jackson Square – the Quarter is packed with festive partygoers eager to countdown the time until the New Year arrives with the Fleur De Lis drop. The locals will tell you to go a few blocks off Bourbon Street to get food. The food is just as good but costs a lot less. Experience the Bourbon O’Jazz Bar with live music and a different band each night of the week, plus fresh craft cocktails, it’s the best experience on Bourbon Street. Obviously, go to New Orleans and walk on Bourbon Street, no hire car needed. That’s a must. If you decide to do the walking tour at the French Quarter, you definitely will be on Bourbon St before long. For many New Orleans visitors, Bourbon Street embodies the life of a party town. The street is lit by neon lights, throbbing with music and decorated by beads and balconies. Named for a royal family in France and not the amber-coloured alcohol, Bourbon Street has become a place for revelry of all sorts.

Fun Things to Do on New Year’s Eve with Kids

Traditionally, New Year’s Eve is considered a holiday for grownups. True, midnight is passed most kids’ bedtimes, but there are still plenty of fun ways to usher in the new year with children. Spending your New Years Eve with kids can be a lot of fun. There are a lot of games and activities you can do with kids on New Year’s Eve. And kids will love helping to count down to the New Year! Hold a mock New Year’s Eve for young children, celebrating at 7 or 8 p.m. Play dress up with young children. Bring out the bowties, high heels, feather boas, lipstick, and pearls. Make it even more exciting by adding a photo booth! Host a board game marathon. Throw a Bingo party. Create a signature cocktail and mocktail for the kids. Give it a long and important sounding name and drink it in your fanciest glassware to toast the new year.

Make countdown clocks using paper plates. Make confetti poppers to use at midnight. Put together a year-in-review slideshow using favourite pictures from the year. Cuddle up in pyjamas to watch it together. Some children’s museums or history museums host New Year’s Eve parties for kids. In most cases, they hold countdowns every hour on the hour to give kids. Make hand and footprints with your kids and write down their interests, resolutions, and hopes for the new year. You can even make it a yearly tradition and look back at it fondly every New Year’s Eve until your kids are too cool to spend the holiday with you. Or, make homemade New Year’s Eve hats that the kids can enjoy on the spot. Wherever your family happens to be celebrating the New Year, you can get outdoors and participate in a First Day Hike. This nationwide annual program takes place on New Year’s Day in all 50 states.

New Year’s Eve Resolutions – Setting Goals for the New Year

Setting goals and intentions for the year ahead is an inspiring way to celebrate! set out a vase full of these cute little cards and invite your guests to put some thought into their year to come. One of the things that people remember the most about resolutions is how often they fail. Many times, this is due to a lack of good planning. Why not use New Year’s Eve as a time to set up your goals and how you plan to accomplish them? Get out the calendar and plan your year. Don’t forget major events, birthdays,  important anniversaries, and some date nights. As you plan, set your goals and how you plan to achieve them.

What to Do on New Year’s Eve on TV

To celebrate new years eve many Americans conduct parties and invite friends and family to them. Television is very popular on new years eve with millions of Americans watching the new year’s celebrations in times square in the heart of new york.

The Best New Year’s Eve Events in NYC

If watching the ball drop and getting covered in confetti isn’t your thing, there are many other new year’s eve events worth checking out. Don’t drop the ball on the city’s craziest holiday, check out the best New Year’s Eve events in NYC to ring in 2021. It’s been a long year and now we all have the opportunity to leave the bad behind and start fresh. use New Year’s Eve 2019 as a good excuse to go out with a bang. The biggest party in NYC takes place in Times Square, but in case you prefer to celebrate where it’s less crowded and frigid, our essential guide to the holiday contains the best parties, incredible concerts in NYC this month, New Year’s Eve firework displays and more. Don’t just settle for an intimate evening at home with your two cats and one of the flicks from our mighty best movies of all time list—a night of fantastical revelry in NYC awaits! Make it an unforgettable night as you dance the night away to the tunes of famous DJs, rub shoulders with Manhattan socialites and stars, enjoy the decadent 5-hours Premium Open Bar, and get your Champagne toasts ready and count down the clock to 2020 in style! While these Ball Drop Parties come with a hefty price tag, the experience is something you will never forget. With an open bar, hors-d’oeuvres, a dinner buffet, and dessert you will be well taken care of as the night goes on.

Looking for New Year’s Music?

While you’re loading up the confetti crackers and noisemakers, outfit the night’s playlist with the best New Year’s songs. Making a playlist for a New Year’s Eve party is always a daunting task. Who wants the pressure of ruining a night with such high expectations? A bad playlist could at once end a year on a bade note and start another one on the wrong note. From timeless classics to new hits that were just released this year, you ned to put something for everyone on your party playlist, and here are our suggestions. It wouldn’t be a winter holiday without Bing Crosby crooning over the speakers, and no one can resist dancing to Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next.” Start some New Year’s Eve traditions by kicking off a sing-along after the ball drops. And figure out what “Auld Lang Syne” means once and for all! Put on “Shallow” and you’ll have the whole room belting out the lyrics. Just queue up this list of crowd-pleasing New Year’s Eve songs, press play, and get ready to have the best midnight soirée this year has ever seen. You should be making sure that your guests will be dancing to and toasting some of the biggest songs from the past 10 years. “Despacito” definitely cemented itself for the rest of history as one of the top songs of the 2010s. Also, Charlie Puth describes the ideal party in his song, “Empty Cups”.

Also, good for partying is the track written by Goo Goo Dolls lead singer-songwriter John Rzeznik, Better Days was a Billboard Top 40 hit single in 2005 for the band and is still good for a party; “Cause everyone is forgiven now ‘Cause tonight’s the night the world begins again”. Then also how about the song written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, Feeling Good (or Feelin’ Good) was performed for the first time on Broadway in the musical The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd. Nina Simone included Feeling Good on her I Put a Spell on You album in 1965, and many other artists have covered it since then. Also, consider Michael Bublé’s cover of Feeling Good.

Traditions and Customs of Chinese Lunar New Year

No article on New Year celebrations would be complete without a mention of the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year — and more commonly known as the Spring Festival (Chūnjié) in China —has become one of the world’s top five most celebrated festivals. It isn’t just celebrated in China. It is also popular in Chinatowns around the world. In fact, Chinese New Year celebrations take place in New York, London, Vancouver, Sydney and other overseas cities. While most Westerners’ interaction with ‘Chinese New Year’ is watching parades in Chinatown, traditions vary from country to country. The holiday more aptly called Lunar New Year, as it marks the start of a new lunar cycle, is one of the most important holidays in Asia. From mouth-watering treats to impressive pyrotechnics, there are many ways in which people commonly celebrate the holiday.

In China, New Year’s firecrackers are made from strings of rolled red paper containing gunpowder that, when set off, leave shreds of scarlet paper in their wake. The belief is that the loud noise of the firecrackers serves to scare Nian, the lion-like monster who legend says rose from the sea for a feast of human flesh on the new year. Restaurants are always fully booked on New Year’s Eve, even though some families will have their Reunion Dinner a few days earlier. It is usually an eight-course dinner. All the dishes will have symbolic meanings to usher in wealth, happiness, health, good fortune, and success in career or business. This, in fact, applies to all feasting throughout the Chinese New Year (CNY). For example, Lettuce with Dried Oyster and Sea Moss & Mushroom with Oyster Sauce represent fortune and wealth while Carp Fish Casserole symbolizes good wishes and abundance.

New Year’s Eve in NYC

The clock strikes midnight on December 31 and stunning New Year’s Eve fireworks light up the sky while you plant a big smooch on your honey. An iconic Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration is not only a New York tradition, it’s a global phenomenon. Looking for the best New Year’s Eve parties? NYC has tons of options, and the night of December 31 doesn’t just revolve around New Year’s Eve concerts or spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks. Well, that’s what always happened before 2020 and the COVID virus! We are not sure just how New York will be celebrating the New Year this time around or whether your favourite musical act will be showing. Just keep checking to find out online what will be happening this year.

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