One Off Boiler Repairs vs Paying Monthly for Boiler Repair Cover Plans
One Off Boiler Repairs vs Paying Monthly for Boiler Repair Cover Plans

It’s decision time for UK households who may choose between one-off boiler repairs or paying monthly for boiler repair cover plans. Read on to find out the available options but also remember that the choice may also depend upon your personality. If you wish to save money on the years when your heating system works perfectly and are willing to risk a cold house while you try to find an available plumber during cold weather your decision will differ from those people that value their peace of mind over their pocket!

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  4. Why Repair Your Boiler if it has Only A Slight Leak?
  5. A Valid Warranty/Guarantee Can be Well Worth Having?
  6. Should you Repair or Replace Your Boiler?
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Boiler and Heating Repair Options

One-off boiler repairs when you simply call a plumber or three get competitive quotes and choose the best all-round offer can be cheap and in a good year with a reasonably recent dated boiler installed the householder may need to spend no more than for an annual servicing charge,

Paying for monthly boiler cover adds up over time, and can seem like throwing money down the drain when you have a year when your heating system works perfectly and requires no attention. However, most boiler breakdowns are in the winter when having your heating is vital to keep warm, this is the busiest period for engineers. The engineers who work for boiler cover companies are busy during this time of year due to their services being in high demand, this may result in a longer wait for your repair.

Featured image text: "One off boiler repairs vs paying monthly for a cover plan".The idea that you will be able to use a ploy of a last-minute sign-up for monthly payment packages in order to obtain an immediate boiler rescue simply doesn’t work. Sadly, the companies that offer boiler cover plans are not about to let their customers sign up after a boiler breakdown has occurred, and halt payment the month after!

Don’t be Tempted by Multiple Offers Seen in an Advertisement

Also, don’t get caught by thinking that you will be able to use multiple offers at the same time to bring the price down to something you think is more reasonable! Read the small print because invariably you can’t use these offers at the same time as another home services offer. Finally, be quick to sign up for an advertised offer if cold weather is on the way. the plumbing trade always reserves the right to withdraw their offers at any time. They are adept at removing all offers rapidly at the onset of bad weather, so the offers will most likely not be there when you actually want them. Some would say that’s just clever business management, but that’s not to say this endears the trade with the public

The next point to make is that companies which push their monthly paid boiler repair service make out that the normal servicing charge cost is about £295. They then suggest that with their cover-plans you can pay much less as if they are giving you a bargain price for paying each month. A typical offer is to charge £95 if you take out an annual heating cover plan at the same time (this also excludes your being able to use your heating cover excess and heating breakdown cover in connection with any parts needing replacement during the service). If you do some calling around to local fully qualified Gas Safe companies in our area you can get that same service done for between £65 and £75. It’s often a little cheaper in the summer when the trade has less work to do.

But, it has to be said that arranging an emergency boiler repair is usually the last thing you want on your plate. Then trying to find a heating engineer and facing a boiler repair bill only adds to the stress. To help you get your home back to normal as soon as possible, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about emergency boiler repairs.

Emergency One-Off Boiler Repairs

If you need a one-off boiler repair, as your boiler has broken down, you are one of an army of people who have no wish to pay monthly for insurance cover. Emergency boiler repairers are available throughout the UK which are set up to repair hundreds of boilers every week and are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to get your boiler fully working once more. They have many happy clients and testimonials as from happy people who have gotten their heating and hot water back working. Their engineers and plumbers are all Gas Safe Registered and can inspect your boiler professionally. And, they are willing to give you an estimate before they carry out any repair work.

You will pay more for emergency repairs carried out at weekends or outside normal working hour during the week. Prices will usually be higher again for call-outs during holiday periods. However, those additional costs may not be anywhere near as high as paying the monthly charge for the full lifetime of your boiler. Most years, even complex modern Combi-Boilers will work perfectly, and frankly paying for the cover over those periods is a waste of money.

Many of the large heating services companies recognise that not everyone will wish to take out boiler cover. In addition to providing one-off boiler repairs, British Gas offers a boiler repair and cover option known as Homecare 2. It’s basically a boiler breakdown insurance policy that covers you for repairs to your boiler, controls and central heating system. There are a number of additional things included in the homecare two cover package, but that’s it in a nutshell. You pay your money and you take your choice, but the fact is that insurance-based cover is going to cost more because the insurance company are going to take their cut. A percentage will always be added to the cost of such subscriber plans which is the insurer’s profit.

Boiler and Central Heating Cover in more Detail

Boiler and central-heating cover is a type of home insurance that you can claim if your boiler and/or central heating stops working. It usually covers call out fees and the cost of repairs. British gas has its own boiler and central heating cover which means that if you have a problem on your system you can call us and one of our engineers will come to your home to fix the problem for you.

Getting it serviced isn’t just a way to fix a problem but it is also the best way to ensure that there will be no problems with your boiler. It’s also crucial for preventing serious issues from arising in the future by looking after and maintaining your new boiler. After all, if you can reduce the chance of your heating cutting out and having to call in an engineer to repair it unexpectedly, who wouldn’t want to do that?.

So, we would just point out that the following is important. If you think your boiler has some kind of malfunction, even if it’s apparently minor and isn’t affecting its heating performance, don’t ignore it and have the boiler go into summer hibernation this way. What may seem like a “small” problem could only be the tip of the iceberg, and it might end up causing leaks or other problems over the summer, or lead to a system that won’t work when you actually need it again. Take action and resolve all such issues. That policy will save you no end of heating hassles.

Why Get your Repair from A Particular Company?

Firstly, if you have appointed a plumbing company but decide you made the wrong choice and they haven’t started work on your boiler, you have a 14-day cooling-off period beginning the day they deliver any parts or the day you accept our quote (assuming the job needs labour, but no extra parts). If you’ve asked them to start the work before the 14-day cooling-off period finishes, they may charge you for the work they’ve already done and any parts they have installed for you. If you’ve gone for the repair and ongoing cover option and you want to cancel your cover, you might have to pay a cancellation charge if hey have already done work under your homecare agreement.

Any competent plumber/ heating and ventilation engineering company can be expected to be able to perform efficient and proper safety and diagnostic tests to discover exactly what is wrong with your gas boiler and how it can be repaired, at the time of quotation. All parts and labour should be included in the quoted price, so you don’t have to worry about any unforeseen expenses. If the company asks for more money after they have started for work that they should have known about from the beginning you are very justified to be unhappy, and in extreme circumstances may require them to finish the work quoted for and leave your premises. It is then necessary to bring in another reliable and properly professional plumber.

All UK gas systems repairs must be carried out by Gas Safe qualified engineers and any replaced parts should be guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months. If there is a manufacturer fault the call out call-out charge normally includes the first hour of labour but usually, any additional parts and labour are not included.

Some Boiler Manufacturers are Supporting National Health Service Workers During Pandemic

In this year of the COVD-19 pandemic, a number of boiler manufacturers are supporting National Health Service workers who have a valid ID with a 25% discount for fixed price repairs on boilers until 31st December 2020. To claim this offer, you need to call a dedicated phone line for National Health Service Staff where you will be asked for proof of id and address.

DIY Hacks and Home Repair How-to Guides

If you don’t have a service plan and you won’t have to shell out an extra penny should you ever need a repair, there are many DIY hacks and home repair how-to guides that the practically-minded person can turn to. However, when it comes to DIY on your boiler or any gas appliance or pipe, do remember that you are required to engage a Gas Safe plumber or engineer for all that work. Be safe and comply!

Boilers are used to provide heat and hot water in a home but from time to time, boiler repair becomes necessary. Like everything else, a central heating system can develop problems and a number of central heating pipe and radiator repairs can be conducted without calling in a plumber. This ultimately saves you money, but if you only have a little confidence in your ability or no plumbing experience it can be safer and more reassuring to phone a plumber.

Do you Fix Every Type of Boiler?

A 5-year-old Worcester-Bosch (WB) boiler started flooding and obviously needed a major repair and the owner had no warranty. Their plumber was quoting around £400 for a repair, or he suggested they could replace it for nearer £1500. I called a guy who has installed a couple of WB boilers for us in our properties and he said that WB does a special one-off fixed-fee repair for any out of warranty boilers. The tip is that If you need a one-off boiler repair, a WB approved plumber/ installer can get your boiler back up and running at a fixed price and it’s can be worth getting a quote.A 5-year-old Worcester-Bosch (WB) boiler started flooding and obviously needed a major repair and the owner had no warranty.

Their plumber was quoting around £400 for a repair, or he suggested they could replace it for nearer £1500. I called a guy who has installed a couple of WB boilers for us in our properties and he said that WB does a special one-off fixed-fee repair for any out of warranty boilers. The tip is that If you need a one-off boiler repair on one of their boilers, a WB approved plumber/ installer can get your boiler back up and running at a fixed price and it’s can be worth getting a quote. 70% of boiler repairs are fixed in 1 hour. Worcester-Bosch boasts that their low cost fixed price repair service will provide you with peace of mind, and avoid any scary repair bills.

Any boiler engineer (not just WB) can elect to charge in two different ways for boiler repairs:

  • a fixed fee, or
  • by the hour.

A fixed fee will work in a similar way to a boiler service charge, it will be a set amount to perform the correct repair, based on a quick inspection and a quote. This shouldn’t change, even if the job takes longer than they originally anticipated.

Why Repair Your Boiler if it has Only A Slight Leak?

​if you find a leak around your boiler, then you may have a faulty circulator (pump). It is doubtful whether you can do the repair yourself and we recommend calling a plumber straight away. Sometimes to cure a leaking circulator it may be possible to replace the pump seal. Another frequent problem though is a leaking pressure-relief valve. This can be caused by an expansion tank being filled with water. Otherwise, the valve may have sediment preventing it from closing. To check this you might want to follow the manufacturer’s diagnostics procedure published online.

If your boiler is burning fuel inefficiently it could be costing you more to run. Local engineers are available in all UK areas which offer annual servicing for a variety of boilers from the UK’s most popular manufacturers including Glow-worm, Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi and Viessmann.

British Gas provide two repair services which you should keep in mind should the worst occur. One is the one-off boiler repair service, and the other is the one-off plumbing and drains repair. You may find that heading plumbing problems off quickly will save your boiler from breakdown and damage. Don’t leave leaks to chance, as they can affect the water pressure in a combination boiler, which will stop it working.

How much the customer pays for a repair will depend on how long it takes to complete the boiler repair and where the customer lives.

If the thermostat isn’t accurate. Ensure that it’s turned to “on” and the right settings are indicated. Otherwise, your thermostat may need to be replaced.

A Valid Warranty/Guarantee Can be Well Worth Having!

The majority of new boilers come with a form of warranty. This will offer protection against breakdown and repair costs. However, this will almost definitely become invalidated if you do not arrange for annual servicing. Reliability comes with a boiler service, a professional will do a thorough check of boiler components. They will inspect them for wear and tear, repairing and replacing the parts that need it.

Family-run business often posses many good testimonials. Through long experience, they will know exactly what the problem is when your boiler is not working. It can be a very chilling experience when the heating does not perform! So, should your boiler or central heating fail, the engineers you need are just a call away throughout the UK that can fix your heating system quickly and efficiently.

Should you Repair or Replace Your Boiler?

Frequently, when the boiler stops working, the part in question needs to be replaced, unless this is a simple issue like flushing the pipes or thawing a frozen condensate line. So, there is a good chance that you must pay for a replacement part at the time of a repair. The need for replacing broken parts and fitting the new parts tends to increase for modern boilers after 10 to 15 years of use in a UK home which is occupied and heated most of the time.

Most boiler issues come down to weighing the costs and benefits of repair versus replacement. Boiler repairs cost $200 and $600 on average vs a new install costing 10 times as much. So how do you know what to do?
three questions you should also ask yourself:

  • how often has it needed repairs? If this is your first repair, your boiler may not need replacing just yet. Most people don’t decide to replace their boiler until a pattern of repairs repeating themselves becomes obvious.
  • Compare the cost of the repair to the cost of replacing by finding a boiler repair company near you.

While you may be able to fix a few of these issues yourself, you must use a professional from service employing Gas Safe experts on heating and air conditioning for more complicated heating device repairs. It may be that a thermostat is no longer accurate, so replace it. It’s not a big deal!

Do I have to replace my old boiler with a new one? – people ask. Can my boiler be repaired? What type of boiler is ideal for my requirements? Does it actually require a servicing? How frequently should I be servicing “x” appliance? Listed here are only a few questions that go through your mind quite often while making a decision for a boiler repair versus new boiler purchase. If you want to get practical and sensible answers for these questions then you probably should call a good plumber. That’s just a phone call away for you.

Boiler Repair for Landlords

24/7 home rescue or a monthly boiler cover plan is a choice to be made by every landlord as well as for a resident homeowner. Providers of boiler-appliance-and-home-emergency-cover to landlords and homeowners throughout the UK are also very often keen to show their installations off to potential buyers or renters. Sale offers are available to landlords on a wide range of products such as boiler and heating cover, appliance cover and appliance repair, car breakdown cover, and one-off home repairs. Most plumbers will be pleased to provide gas inspection certificates to cover the landlord’s legal requirement and ensure that all gas appliances are safe before any tenants arrive.

Cover Against Boiler Breakdown or Pay as a One-Off Repair

Summarising the topic of one-off boiler service vs boiler cover:

  • quick, reliable, one-off boiler services make sure your home heating can be set to run as normal. This means no contract and flexibility on dates for your boiler service, or you may elect for
  • paying for monthly boiler cover and you get servicing thrown in whenever you need it (usually annually),

Customers can either pay a one-off fee, of between £65-£80, for a 30-minute service. Or you could take out boiler and central heating cover. This costs more, around £180-£300, but a good cover-plan will also cover you for any breakdowns.

Whichever you choose it is important to make sure you have a boiler service at least once a year to reduce the chances of a breakdown.

You can book a service with any Gas Safe Registered Engineer, although customers may prefer to do this through their energy supply company.

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