Heating And Cooling Melbourne – Check Your AC Compressor
Heating And Cooling Melbourne – Check Your AC Compressor

Is Your Heating and Cooling Not Effective?

Air conditioning is necessary for us during the summer so lets find out what can go wrong and some simple trouble shooting for your heating and cooling system,=.

There are various possible causes of an air conditioning compressor failing or ceasing to function. However, in many cases, air conditioning compressor failure is the result of preventable problems.

Before discussing the most typical problems that may occur with an air conditioner compressor, let us first understand why ac compressor must run smoothly.

How do heating and cooling systems work?

Today, nearly half of all Australian households are equipped with air conditioning. Around five million units help turn the oppressive heat into refreshing coolness and provide a comfortable climate for our fellow citizens.
So, are you looking for information about air conditioners?
Then you’ve come to the right place. So, stay tuned and keep reading.

In recent decades, the development of air conditioning and refrigeration has provided comfort and convenience in our homes and daily lives.
As a result, air conditioners and refrigerators in our homes are now considered a basic necessity.

When the air conditioner is turned on, and the compressor compresses the system’s refrigerant.
Next, it discharges/loses heat as it flows through the condenser (the second part looks like a radiator before the cooler).

Next, it flows through the receiver/drier, where impurities and moisture are removed.

Then, it goes to the expansion valve/accumulator, where the refrigerant is slowed down further, losing pressure and temperature before it reaches the evaporator.

The most frequently encountered problems with an air conditioner can be with the compressor

What causes an ac compressor in a car or a house to fail to operate?
Why does my aircon compressor stop working after a while?

Here are a few pointers from Beyond Heating and cooling experts on repairing or avoiding further damage to your AC compressor.

Check your AC Compressor!

What critical points you should know about the air conditioning compressor?

A compressor for air conditioning operates in two distinct ways.

First, it compresses the refrigerant molecules and acts as a pump, circulating the refrigerant throughout the air conditioning system.

Second, when refrigerant enters an evaporator in a home, it absorbs heat from the structure before decomposing into gas.

The gas is then heated and compressed further by your ac compressor. After then, the gas transforms into a hot liquid. The liquid is subsequently cooled by the condenser coils in the ac unit. When the refrigerant reaches the evaporator, the pressure at the expansion valve decreases, allowing the refrigerant to absorb heat before easily converting it to gas.

ducted airconditioning

Why is the air conditioner compressor critical to the operation of an air conditioner?

Compressors act like the heart of an air conditioner. The following are a few grounds to substantiate this assertion:

Without this critical component, your air conditioner will not operate.

It has an anticipated lifespan of 10 to 15 years and will not fail unless you fail to service it at regular intervals.

Compressing refrigerant gas and transporting it through the system is how your air conditioner removes moisture and heat from your home.

Other Things That Can Be Wrong With Your Air Conditioner

What is the cause of my air conditioner’s sudden turning on and off every few minutes?

Unfortunately, if your air conditioner repeatedly turns on and off every few minutes, it can have many reasons.

The problem can be as effortless as a faulty thermostat, a dirty filter, or a refrigerant leak.

But it could also be a structural problem – the placement of the thermostat could be causing the problem, or the air conditioning system itself is simply too large for your home or place of business.

Verification of the power supply

If your air conditioning unit or compressor fails to operate, you should first check your power source.
This should always be the first step. Often there could be a loose connection or the switchboard has a tripped switch.

Dirty Coils And Filters

A buildup of debris and filth in the filters, evaporators, or bottom of the condenser can result in the complete failure of the ac unit. For instance, a clogged air filter may dramatically restrict airflow, effectively shutting down the evaporator coil. Additionally, clogged air filters and condenser coils increase the pressure on the ac compressor, resulting in an overheating condition.

In the best-case scenario, the compressor will shut down automatically before sustaining damage. Otherwise, continuous overheating may necessitate the replacement of the ac compressor.

Clean the condenser coils, replace the air filters, and clear any obstructions or blockages in the vents to allow unobstructed airflow.
In an ideal world these should be checked every six months. Realistically every 12 months to have your air conditioner cleaned and serviced will ensure that it is kept clean.

Low levels of refrigerant

Occasionally, the refrigerant lines in your system will lose or develop holes. As a result of the refrigerant leaking via these pipes, the refrigerant charge in your ac unit lowers. If the cooling capacity of your air conditioner unit reduces and it is unable to chill the house to your specifications, this indicates a refrigerant leak.
Compressor failure is a significant problem that will require extensive air conditioning service.

An air conditioning system requires a specific amount of refrigerant to function efficiently, and this varies from system to system.
If the system is low on refrigerant, whether it’s due to a leak or a technician’s mistake, it won’t work as effectively and will increase your electric bill.
Refrigerants are also harmful to the environment.
Therefore, for the sake of our warming planet, a technician needs to identify and fix leaks.

Where does the refrigerant rest in an air conditioner when the unit is off?


Air Con Tips

During the off-cycle, or especially during an extended shutdown, the refrigerant wants to migrate to the part where the pressure is lowest. In nature, most fluids migrate from a higher pressure location to a lower pressure location.

That means the refrigerant migrates to the coldest part of the system. This effect has important implications for design.

Solving Leaking Refrigerant

In commercial establishments that require immediate cooling, refrigerant recharging may initially be necessary to maintain operations. However, to fix the problem, you need to find and fix the leak.

If the leak is in a valve, access port, condenser coils or evaporator coils, these repairs often involve some heavy soldering. Call an expert to get this repaired correctly.

A capacitor malfunction

Capacitors and starter relays are critical components of the compressor’s power supply. Regrettably, they are the leading cause of air conditioning compressor failure.

The capacitor supplies the current required to start and operate the air conditioning compressor, blower motor, and external fan. The starting relay is responsible for transferring electricity from the capacitors to the air conditioner compressor. Therefore, if the ac compressor is not working, but you hear humming noises emanating from the ac unit, the compressor may be attempting to access a non-functioning capacitor. The great news is that these materials are affordable and straightforward to replace.

Electrical issues

Your air conditioner is an electrical device, and like other electrical systems, it is susceptible to electrical faults, which can result in its failure. These electrical issues cause acids to accumulate in the design, corroding the wiring and igniting the air conditioner. If your system shuts down unexpectedly, it suggests that there is a problem with the wiring. Beyond Heating and Cooling, an air conditioning service in Australia will be able to pinpoint the issue more precisely.

This issue can be solved by having your system serviced regularly by an air conditioning specialist from Beyond Heating and Cooling.

Their technicians can identify minor electrical issues and other flaws that could result in significant breakdowns in the future.

Contaminants contained within the compressor

Along with dust, dirt, leaves, debris, soot, acids and bugs, and bird droppings, these contaminants contaminate the compressor system and lead it to fail. Regrettably, the system’s heat creates an ideal environment for these particles. You may avoid this problem by arranging maintenance with Beyond Heating and Cooling’s air conditioning service.
Not only will these professionals clean your system, but they will also identify and repair any minor flaws.

Lubricant level

The lubricant, like the compressor, is the lifeblood of your air conditioner. Inadequate lubricant levels can result in a variety of significant issues, including ac compressor failure. You may avoid this by having your air conditioner serviced at least once a year by Beyond Heating and Cooling, a Melbourne air conditioning service provider. Their knowledgeable technician will check the lubricant level and the condition of the oil pump to avoid compressor failures and other issues associated with low lubricant levels.

If your air conditioner is not cooling efficiently or is running continually, it may have a compressor problem.

If you require air conditioning services in Melbourne, call Beyond Heating and Cooling to inspect your system.
Their skilled heating and cooling team will accurately diagnose and resolve the issue in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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