Children Learning Reading Review – What You Need To Know
Children Learning Reading Review – What You Need To Know

Children Learning Reading Review

Many reading programmes have been tested, and many parents struggle to choose among them. Most kids love learning to read. This product will be reviewed in-depth to determine if it’s acceptable for your youngster!

Sarah Shepherd Reading Head Start Program

There are other good-quality learning programmes out there, but this one is one of my faves. Jim Yang invented the programme, and it includes beneficial reading training that parents may utilise to teaching their children.

This is a programme designed to help you educate your youngster on how to read.

It seemed like a great idea. Can you teach your children to read at home?

Children Learning Reading Review – What you need to know before buying

Children Learning Reading Review

Start your children reading literature early. They’ll be open-minded enough to learn new talents.

What should we do as parents? Is investing in early childhood programmes worthwhile? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer.

Children, Reading, and Literacy Reading skills and self-confidence are improved by using it.

Continue reading to find out if the Children Learning Reading program is worth trying. You can find out if it helps your child learn and read better.

About Children Learning Reading

Children Learning to Read with Jim Yang is a 12-week course aimed to assist your child in developing reading habits.

The course is broken into two sections and includes a PDF for Children Learning to Read. Additionally, the system includes 50 planned lessons that parents and children can work through alone.

The ebook contains suggestions for increasing one’s phonemic awareness. Children’s phonemic awareness is critical because it enables them to read unfamiliar or large words more easily.

Once the youngsters have mastered the alphabet, they can begin learning about other letters and how to pronounce them.

What’s Inside The Children Learning Reading Program?

speech language exercise

Children’s Education Reading is a two-stage process. The first stage has 28 lessons that introduce students to the alphabet and the sounds it makes.

You will begin by teaching your toddler simple words. After that, they will be able to read sentences, rhymes, and even brief paragraphs.

Stage 1 of the programme acclimates your small children to an even greater difficulty. Additionally, this stage prepares them for Stage 2, which increases in complexity.

Stage 2 includes over twenty lessons that build on the abilities taught in Stage 1. Classes become more challenging as children acquire more sophisticated vocabulary, phrases, and paragraphs.

Additionally, this package includes lessons for Children Learning to Read. They are related to Phonics Foundations and Phonics Advanced.

There are stories, audio snippets, and nursery rhymes included in this collection. Additionally, the premium package provides video tutorials for children.

Another beneficial feature is the lifetime upgrade, which is included in both of the plans that are offered on  the official website.

About The Children Learning Reading Program Creator

Jim Yang and his wife Elena created the programme Children Learning to Read. The initiative seeks to assist parents in teaching their children to read before they reach the age of three.

As a veteran reading instructor, Jim understands the critical nature of the Phonics formula. It is the initial step toward mastering any new language.

As a result of his program’s success, Jim decided to assist other parents in teaching their children reading skills in their spare time.

Does Children Learning Reading Work?

This initiative has the potential to succeed or fail. It is determined by your work and your child’s abilities. If your child is a slow learner, this does not mean he or she is a bad learner.

If your child is having difficulty comprehending what the teacher is saying, you will need to spend additional time with them. You should spend at least 15 minutes each day working with your youngster.

The curriculum employs a time-honored technique for boosting comprehension: it teaches the sounds associated with each letter.

Phonics teaches youngsters to read difficult words. They then decipher the individual letters that comprise the word.

Numerous assessments on children learning to read emphasise the importance of parents spending time with their children. Even if you do it once a week, the results will be less than if you do it more frequently.

Who Is Children Learning Reading For?

As indicated in the internet Children Learning Reading reviews, this programme is designed for children ages two to six.

A committed parent is critical to a child’s education. It will provide them with a bright future. We propose that you become involved with them as soon as possible to ensure their success.

If you are unwilling to devote 15 minutes to training your child to read, this method will be ineffective.

What Can You Learn From Children Learning Reading Program?

The Children Learning to Read programme is based on phonics and phonetics basics. They are necessary components of reading.

This application will educate your youngster how the individual letters sound and how their sound changes when they appear in a word.

Children must grasp this contrast. As a result, individuals benefit when attempting to read new words and longer sentences.

Learning to read and pronounce new words independently instils a sense of accomplishment in youngsters, which can help them adjust well to school.

Pros And Cons Of Children Learning Reading


  • The information in each lesson is detailed. You can find it step by step.
  • Parents and children will like this user-friendly approach.
  • Strengthens the base of your child,
  • Brightens their future,
  • It helps them succeed in life.
  • Affordably priced
  • With free bonuses when purchasing either a standard or premium package.
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Mobile and desktop versions are both supported.


  • The program is only available digitally.
  • You should have an internet connection to go through the lessons.
  • It takes hard work from the parents.


Children Learning Reading: How Can It Benefit Your Child?

The Children Learning to Read programme teaches children how to read and to enjoy it.

The Children Learning to Read programme is designed to assist children in learning to read through simple and understandable exercises.

The youngsters can delve into as much or as little detail as they like regarding the themes. Additionally, they have the ability to grow at their own pace.

Children will be able to catch up with their peers in reading and decoding, even if they fall behind in other disciplines.

Children will study without becoming frustrated or bored with the subject since it is designed in such a way that success is guaranteed.

As a youngster advances through the curriculum, his or her reading level will increase while having fun.

For them, studying becomes a game, which results in a favourable attitude toward school.

Each course includes audio recordings that you may listen to on your computer or mobile device.

This makes it simple for parents with poor literacy skills to assist their children in reading independently or when they are unable to monitor their child’s reading progress closely enough.

It assists youngsters in comprehending complex sentences and paragraphs as they progress through the grades.

Confidence is a necessary component of maturation.

This programme is appropriate for pupils who struggled to read in the first or second grade.

Your children will be able to learn and communicate more quickly with enhanced communication skills.

Price and plans for children learning to read

There are two packages available for Children Learning Reading.

The price is usually $129. Right Now, you get 69% Off its available on the official website for $39.

Children Learning Reading program also offers a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee for 60 days.

Children Learning Reading: Phonics Foundations Teaching Manual

This 230-page eBook has 32 easy-to-follow, step-by-step Synthetic Phonics lessons that cover all the essential letters/sounds, blending, and reading words.

This instructional manual demonstrates how to teach your child to read in just ten to fifteen minutes per day, and includes 32 phonics lessons. The lectures are brief, and they include enjoyable games to keep them occupied while they study.

We assist your youngster in developing his or her ability to read and spell. This can occur at any age. We assist children as young as two years old, three years old, and four years old who are enrolled in pre-school, kindergarten, or early elementary school.

Reading Lesson Videos

They have a series of films that demonstrate how to teach reading to a 2.5-year-old child. They are not difficult, and he picks them up quickly.

You will observe how he instructs students on progressive tactics. You’ll witness how he assists children in improving their reading abilities. For instance, they begin by being unfamiliar with the alphabet letters and progress to knowing them all while reading short stories.


1: Lesson Printouts & Flashcards

Jim is teaching lessons in stage 1. He has made printouts of them.

This book has the printouts of all 32 phonics lessons from our Phonics Foundations Program.

Hit print and start teaching your child to read!

2: FUN to Read Lesson Stories

The reading program is fun and engaging. Your child will read stories that relate to their reading level.

These stories are part of the reading program. They come with pictures to make the reading fun.

3: Letter Sound MP3 Audios

When children learn to read, they need to know the sounds in words. If they learn them wrong, it will be hard for them to read. For this reason, kids need to learn the correct pronunciation of sounds when learning how to read.

He created 26 audio clips, which demonstrate proper pronunciation for all the phonics sounds taught in the lessons. These an intended to help improve your ability to teach your child how to sound out words and read text.

4: Lifetime Program Upgrades

Children Learning Reading will always be free as long as there is an updated edition out! They will email you and tell you how to download it. You don’t have to pay anything extra.

Children Learning Reading Reviews – Conclusion

You should be aware of the cost of a programme that will improve your child’s reading ability before enrolling your child.

Is it truly worthwhile in the long run?

The children learning to read program’s objective is to lay a strong foundation for your child that will benefit them for years to come.

The curriculum prepares your youngster for a more prosperous future.

I believe that this programme is worth pursuing if you are willing to put in the effort.

You may read what other parents think about reading programmes for children on the Official website.

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