Call the Midwife Trixie (BBC)
Call the Midwife Trixie (BBC)

When it comes to “Call the Midwife’s” Trixie, there’s something unique in the way the British drama does it. It can make us feel so warm and fuzzy inside with its characters’ familiar maternal presence, but at the same time leave us gutted by the harsh realities of London’s East End in the 1960s. Who wouldn’t want to have a baby delivered by the bubbly blonde nurse Trixie Franklin (Helen George)? She heralds her still-in-pin-curls arrival—to both a birth and a new season—by chirping, “magic-carpet midwifery services at your disposal!” but by the end of the episode, not even Trixie’s happy engagement news to her curate boyfriend Tom Hereward (Jack Ashton) can scrub away the agony we’ve just witnessed over the past hour.

Trixie from Call The Midwife

Helen George (born Helen Thomas; 19 June 1984) is the English actress who plays Trixie Franklin on the BBC TV drama series Call the Midwife. She is a highly successful and much-loved actress. In 2015, she participated in the thirteenth series of BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing; she was paired with Aljaz Skorjanec and finished in sixth place.

Think that call the midwife is all vintage costumes, chubby-cheeked babies and jolly post-wartime sing-alongs? Think again. Ever since the first episode aired in 2012, the writers have made a point of featuring dark and deeply upsetting storylines – including the thalidomide scandal of the 1960s, female genital mutilation, domestic violence, rape, illegal abortions, contraception and homophobia. Through it all there has been Trixie…

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Trixie Franklin – Helen George

On September 10, 2020, Helen George settled back into her “trailer” lifestyle after she shared a glamourous photo from her camper van on the set of call the midwife. However, the actress was forced to shut down any suggestion that her character nurse Trixie Franklin is due to tie the knot in the new series.

Birmingham-born actor Helen George, 35, is best known as nurse Trixie Franklin in BBC 1’s hit drama “Call the midwife”. She is currently playing the title role in the Theatre Royal Bath’s touring production of Daphne du Maurier’s my cousin Rachel.

A “Call the midwife” has responded to online trolls who have criticised her weight gain in the latest series of the show. Helen George, who plays nurse Trixie Franklin, filmed series seven while pregnant, and so has a fuller face and body than in previous shows. The 33-year-old gave birth last October to a healthy baby girl, named Wren Ivy, who she had with her partner and co-star Jack Ashton. He plays Rev Tom Hereward in the show.

BBC One – Call the Midwife – Trixie Franklin

“Call the midwife” viewers were left bereft on Sunday (11 February) night, as Trixie Franklin departed as part of her alcoholism storyline. Viewers first saw Trixie, played by Helen George, speak up about her alcohol addiction back in 2015, when she sought help from the samaritans and began attending alcoholics anonymous meetings.

Call the Midwife: how they disguised pregnant Helen George’s baby bump

BBC drama “Call the midwife” returned to PBS, and if you’re a fan, we’ve got some exciting news for you. Helen George, who plays the role of Trixie Franklin, has some real-life baby news of her own in this series. Is Helen George pregnant?

Good news “Call the midwife” fans! The powers that be have gifted us with a few teases as to what Season 10 of this heartwarming show has in store. Let’s just say we’re on the edge of our seats. Taking to Instagram yesterday, the call the midwife account shared a stunning photo of our beloved Helen George who plays Trixie Franklin, the bright and glamorous nurse with an outgoing disposition on the show.

The Call the Midwife stars who you didn’t realise are a couple in real-life

In season 7 of “Call the Midwife”, as we return to Nonatus house for season 7 of call the midwife, it is the bone-chilling winter of 1963, and we are on the cusp of the swinging ’60s that London defined. If the Beatles aren’t in the air already, they soon will be, and it’s just a year before Michael Apted’s groundbreaking documentary series begins running on British telly.

Call the midwife season 7, episode 5. Christopher (Jack Hawkins) drives nurse Trixie Franklin (Helen George) to the airport. When will she return? Trixie tries to quietly exit stage left, tiptoeing out of Nonnatus House at dawn as everyone is asleep. She finds Christopher waiting outside, a surprise taxi to take her to the airport. Hang on though, we assumed she was going to a treatment facility, but she mentions Portofino and her Godmother.

Helen George stuns in a beautiful close-up photo taken by beau Jack Ashton

The “Call the midwife” season 6 Christmas special in 2016 was the one where Sister Winifred (Victoria Yeates), Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter), Dr Patrick Turner (Stephen McGann), Nurse Trixie Franklin (Helen George), nurse Phyllis Crane (Linda Bassett) and nurse Barbara Gilbert (Charlotte Ritchie) go to work at hope clinic mission hospital in South Africa. No need for their trademark red cardigans there!

Helen George brings a decade of beauty, wit and growth to one of UK TV’s most iconic female characters,” they gushed in the caption. Going on to discuss all the wonderful elements which Trixie and Helen encompass. They continue, “Helen, and her peerless portrayal of Trixie from Series 1 has been an essential part of the glue that binds our community of Nonnatus House”.

Trixie – Helen George

After a tumultuous year, call the midwife is finally returning this Christmas with their annual holiday special. And while the show will be packed with beloved characters like Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan, Helen George as Trixie, and laura main’s Shelagh, fans may notice one conspicuous absence from the lineup. After four seasons on the show, Jennifer Kirby who plays nurse Valerie Dyer has announced her departure from call the midwife.

While producers of call the midwife were able to, thankfully, ‘deliver’ the Annual Christmas special just in time for Christmas day 2020, the full season of the drama did not arrive in time for its usual January slot this year thanks to covid-19 and a five-month production delay. But, there seems to be light at the end of the poplar tunnel….

Call the Midwife shares first picture from Series 10 – and teases exciting Trixie Franklin plotline

“Call the midwife”s” nurse Trixie will still be struggling with alcoholism and series seven will feature “painful” storylines for the popular character. Helen George’s character, who has been on the hit BBC period drama since series 1, is currently in a happy relationship with dentist Christopher (Jack Hawkins).

Call the Midwife casts Leonie Elliott as new West Indian Midwife

Well, it’s likely to be the same line-up as the Christmas special. That featured. Jenny Agutter (Sister Julienne), Linda Bassett (nurse Crane), Judy Parfitt (Sister Monica Joan), Fenella Woolgar (sister Hilda), Ella Bruccoleri (sister Frances), Helen George (Trixie), Laura Main (Shelagh Turner), Leonie Elliott (Lucille), Stephen McGann (Dr Turner), Cliff Parisi (Fred), Annabelle Apsion (Violet), Georgie Glen (Miss Higgins), Max Macmillan (Timothy), Daniel Laurie (Reggie) and Zephyr Taitte (Cyril).

Call the Midwife season ten: everything we know so far

Helen George has become a fixture in the Christmas viewing schedule for the last eight years, stepping into the role of the glamorous midwife Trixie in “Call the midwife”. The series spanning the 50s and 60s is the heartwarmer we all need this Christmas. Helen George doesn’t just reserve the glamour for her on-screen character. The actor regularly shares images of her own stunning home that she shares with partner Jack Ashton and daughter Wren.

Call the Midwife shares new sneak-peek at series 10

“Call the midwife” star Helen George has unveiled a stunning new hair transformation. The 25-year-old actress is best known for playing Nurse Trixie Franklin in the beloved medical drama. She is also known for her bright blonde locks, but now the mum-of-one has gone and transformed her look with a new shorter cut.

I was so sad when Reverend Tom and Trixie ended their engagement and Barbara Gilbert starting dating Tom. Tom and Barbara didn’t seem a likely match. I really hated the scene when they are dancing to “ teach me tiger” by April Stevens. Zero sparks there. With Tom and Trixie, this scene would have been sizzling. The actors that played tom ( Jack Aston ) and Trixie ( Helen George) were really involved in 2016 and had a baby together although not engaged or married.

Characters from Call the Midwife

“Call the Midwife Trixie” (BBC) Holiday Special 2020 cast: Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt), sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter), May Turner (April Rae Hoang), nurse Lucille Anderson (Leonie Elliott), Trixie (Helen George), Angela Turner (Alice Brown), nurse Phyllis Crane (Linda Bassett). It is in December 1965. Everyone at Nonnatus house is looking forward to traditional celebrations with all the trimmings, but nothing goes quite to plan.

All of your favourites will be back for the Christmas special.

More on “Call the Midwife”

“Are we going to close after all?” Nurse Trixie asked but she was assured Nonnatus house would be safe. Sister Julienne divulged: “No. We are going to expand. Early next year I will be revealing further details”.

Characters from Call the Midwife

Helen was pregnant during the filming of series 7 of call the midwife. Her character nurse Trixie Franklin made an emotional exit from the show after Helen’s baby bump began to show and couldn’t be hidden. To create a plausible exit for her, nurse Trixie was seen seeking help after spiralling back into alcoholism.


Helen George was born on June 19, 1984, in Birmingham, West Midlands, England as Helen Elizabeth George. She is an actress, known for the three musketeers (2011), call the midwife (2012) and the monster (2015). She was previously married to Oliver Boot.

Nurse Trixie has been the life and soul of Nonnatus house since the very first episode of call the midwife in 2012. Trixie loves nothing more than to gossip with her fellow nuns and nurses and enjoys poking her nose into other people’s business.

Helen George stars as nurse Trixie Franklin

Between biking around poplar, working late nights, and dealing with lots of crying babies (and mothers), the midwives of Nonnatus House don’t often get the chance to dazzle with their hair and makeup, but for the real-life actresses who play them, walking the red carpet is just another day in the life. In preparation for the show’s upcoming ninth season, here’s a look at what the characters call the midwife really look like.

The entire episode of call the midwife has me broken. Trixie deserves better honestly she’s just so selfless and it makes me so emotional.

All about Call the Midwife

Set in the 1950s and 60s in the East End of London, “Call the Midwife” is a period drama television series that centres around a group of midwives and nuns of Nonnatus house. They are trying to do the best they can for the community, given the medical issues and lack of facilities. Created by Heidi Thomas, the show first released in the UK on January 15, 2012, on BBC !.

Call the midwife sadly will not be back on TV screens in December 2020 as the filming of the new episodes was pushed back due to the pandemic. The BBC has confirmed the official date when Series 10 will return, however fans have been treated to a behind-the-scenes image of one iconic character.

Where is Trixie on “Call the Midwife” Season 7? We can understand the episode picking up tonight and there are many out there who are asking said question almost immediately. So, where is she? It’s a pretty simple question with a fairly simple answer: Trixie is off getting some time away from Nonnatus, presumably to recover from her recent struggles with alcohol abuse. She allowed her addiction to get the best of her and, as a result of that, put herself in a position where she could harm some other people with her habits.

“Call the Midwife” fans were in tears after Sunday night’s finale (23 February), which featured a devastating death and a powerful moment for Trixie Franklin. The season 9 finale was hailed for its sensitive handling of Ann Mitchell’s character Elsie Dyer battling against Oesophagus cancer while being cared for by her distraught niece, Jennifer Kirby’s nurse Valerie.

One of the things that we’ve come to learn with call the midwife over time is that effectively, nobody is spared from a medical emergency. That includes Shelagh and Dr Turner’s au pair Magda, who found herself at the centre of some controversy over an illness. For more “Call the Midwife” article-talk we think that you will enjoy a visit to the Totally Pregnant website here:

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