Beautiful Wedding Make-Up
Beautiful Wedding Make-Up

Elegant, authentic and timeless are the words that most of our brides use when they describe how they want to look and feel on their wedding day.
Finding the perfect hair and makeup is an important decision.
The wedding hair and makeup you choose will be forever captured in your wedding photos.
Your beauty professionals should provide you with a worry-free, luxury experience that allows you to shine while enjoying every moment, from the first pop of champagne to the moment you step into your wedding gown. Our expert team of artists will be there to make sure everything is picture-perfect. With our elite team of artists, we will deliver a flawless look that is uniquely your own.
Trust us to make your wedding hair and makeup not only stay gorgeous all night but last a lifetime in your most important keepsakes.

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Bridal Makeup Needs To Be Durable

Bridal makeup is one of the many decisions that a bride must make before her big day. Natural, bold, vintage, classic, glamorous, boho, edgy – there are many different looks to choose from, but how do you choose? like most wedding-related decisions, there isn’t one correct answer.
As a general rule, you’ll want to wear more makeup than you normally do.
Sweat, tears, and hugs are all hard on your makeup, so you’ll want to make sure you start off by wearing enough.
This will also emphasize your features in photos and ensure that your bridal beauty will shine through even in bad lighting and during ugly cries.
The thing to remember is your makeup has to look beautiful close up, it needs to look great at a distance. It has to look flawless in real life and in a photo.
That in it’s self takes skill with your makeup application plus the fact that your makeup needs to last from early morning on your wedding day until you leave your wedding in the wee hours. This could be 18 hours of durability needed.


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Wedding Makeup Trial Tips

You’ve found your wedding dress , had that Cinderella moment with the perfect shoes , and spent hours scrolling through Instagram, Pintrest, and brides searching for just the right hairstyle.
With almost every aspect of your bridal ensemble checked off your to-do list , all there’s left to do is find some makeup inspiration that pulls it all together.

There are a few ways you can jump start a bridal beauty routine , but one of the best ways to figure out what you like (and what you don’t like) for your day-of look is to gather inspiration in the form of photos to show your beauty pro.
When looking for inspiration photos – Our biggest tip is to find photos of faces that have similar features and colouring as you. If you have dark hair and eyes, find a similar looking face.

True story – We once had a pale blonde and blue eyed bride produce a photo of Halle Berry and ask for the same makeup as what was in the photo.
It turned out that she really liked the eye shadow colour in the photos.
but she had not taken into account her own skintone, hair colour and eye colour.


Makeup Trials Are Important

When doing a wedding makeup trial, be sure to look at your test makeup in natural daylight so you can really see what it looks like.
Also, it’s a good idea to wear a white top and have your hair in a similar style to the one you’ll wear for your wedding.
Doing these things will allow you to get a better idea of how your makeup will look on the big day.
It will help you see if you want to make any adjustments.

Get Professional Opinions

You might also want to ask for your stylist’s recommendations too.
We are pro’s for a reason!
After you’ve decided on a preferred wedding makeup look, we recommend that you do a trial run.
This will make sure you’re going to be happy with the final results.
If you are planning on having a spray tan on your wedding day, please have spray tan on your trial day!
Spray tans will add depth to your skin tone. What works on a paler complexion is usually not enough on darker skin tones.
Don’t After all, weddings can be stressful enough without any major makeup disasters on the day.

Beautiful Wedding Makeup Looks For Your Big Day

When it comes to wedding day make-up, we’re big advocates of the ‘less is more’ technique.
But getting married is a pretty big deal and no look says sultry and seductive like the glamorous smoky eye. Smokey eyes are timeless and this type of makeup suits any face.
It always looks great, so it’s not surprising that a lot more brides are choosing smoky-eyes for their big day.

Smoky Eyes

You can also still achieve romantic smoky eye makeup without it looking too heavy or dark for your special day. Think metallic bronze and silvers.
Look sweet and edgy all at the same time through this nice play of contrasts.
Make your eyes smoky while applying only light makeup on the rest of the eyes.
The best wedding makeup looks always begin with the right prep.
To be honest, all brides look so beautiful and happy that they instantly become more radiant as ever!

Whichever look you choose for your upcoming event, I’m sure that you’ll be absolutely gorgeous.
So practice loads of smiling for the big day and share with us your best wedding photos!.

Planning Is The Key

How your makeup will look on our wedding is one of the great sources of the excitement and anxiety.
Many of us experience these feeling when anticipating the big day.
Planning your bridal beauty timeline or perfecting show-stopping YouTube inspired looks , prepping for bridal beauty is a processed to be enjoyed.
Although anxiety about how you’ll look on your wedding is only normal.
Remember you don’t have to look like anyone but yourself!
After all, your fiancé fell in love with you.
But thoughtfully planning your bridal makeup may also help relieve some of that nervousness.
Our Brisbane hair and makeup team are here to help with a few tips to calm the nerves and advice on how to look your very best on your wedding day!.

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