Witchcraft for Beginners – Two Fundamental Starting Points
Witchcraft for Beginners – Two Fundamental Starting Points

It’s difficult to know where to begin for Witchcraft for Beginners!

There is so much to learn and comprehend that it might be intimidating at first. It makes sense to start with small steps, as it is with all learning. Break everything down and start with the most fundamental components. After mastering the principles, move on to the following phase, task, or chapter.

With this in mind, we’ll go over two crucial Beginners Witchcraft Fundamentals today. Specifically, these are the instructions for casting a circle and making a magic wand!

Witchcraft For Beginners – Let’s Get Started!

How To Make A Sacred Space By Casting A Circle

Many people pick love and lust magic. They hope and pray that it will help them realize all of their romantic and sexual fantasies!

You want your love spells and rituals to have the best possibility of succeeding and manifesting everything possible. It is vital to do so. For the optimum results, it would be preferred if you did things in the correct atmosphere.

For various reasons, learning how to cast a circle is essential. Since the circle carries the very energy generated throughout the ceremony, it is positively crucial!

Casting a circle protects you from unwanted energy and influences that might intrude on your ritual! Many witches, wizards, and magicians cannot defend themselves against these harmful effects even though it is both a critical component and a simple task! This basic fact, on the other hand, maybe considerably more crucial.

Casting a circle can be done in various methods, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You can talk about it with your friends. Look it up online, and read about it in books. Alternatively, simply enjoy tinkering with it until you find something that feels just right. The quickest approach to learning how to cast a circle for beginners is to follow the example below. Learn it, master it, and personalize it to create your circle casting ceremony.

It is advised that you have an altar to perform your spells and rituals on and around if you are serious about them. Before each ritual, make sure your altar is adequately prepared.

Beginners Witchcraft Step-by-step instructions on how to cast a circle

Step 1: Close your eyes and take a deep breath. “The time has come, and now I am ready!” exclaims a booming voice full of passion and determination.

Recognize the four compass points (North, South, East, and West) and ask for their help demonstrating and supporting your goals.

Raise your Athame (ritual knife) high in the air. Then, as you turn in a circle, point in each direction and say. “I call from the east, from the south, from the west, and from the north.”

Place the Athame on the altar and draw a pentagram with a piece of chalk. The energy is then sealed in by placing a candle over it. Your Athame’s power will dispel the energy, forming a mystical circle in the process.

Step 2: Recite the following mantra four times, this time with your eyes open and with that same passionate voice: “I cast this magical circle to make my desires come true, attracting only those energies that are based on love and light. If every other power has been expended, so be it!”

Visualize yourself and your altar being nearly completely enveloped and protected by a blanket of white light as you recite this scripture.

It’s also crucial to close the circle with gratitude and appreciation once the ritual concludes. Simply say, “Thank you and blessed be,” while envisioning white light closing in and around your sacred area.

So you’ve learned how to make a circle! Enjoy your adventures, and keep in mind that you should always cast a circle.  Also, shut it when you’re finished whenever you conduct a spell or ritual. Even if it isn’t stated in your ritual, do it.

Witchcraft For Beginners

Witchcraft for Beginners Fundamentals Number 2 – The Magic Wand’s Power!

Using a magic wand is another vital and fascinating aspect of magick! Nothing beats incorporating the strength and drama of a magic wand into your spells and rituals.

The correct magick wand will also boost your confidence and increase substantial powers of purpose, enhancing your spells’ chances of success!

Learn how to construct your very own magic wand!

Many individuals ask me for a tip or a tool to assist them in boosting their magick’s strength, and I always give the same answer! And that’s with the aid of a magic wand! Also, please do not purchase a magic wand unless you have a great natural affinity for it. Learning how to construct your magic wand yields the best results. Making your magic wand is also a great experience, and if you follow the universe’s lead, it will be a fantastic tool that is more aligned and synchronized with you.

Most professional witches and wizards have a variety of magic wands that they employ for the various types of spells they are casting.

Is it better to buy or manufacture a magic wand?

Each handcrafted wand will have its individual meaning and areas of unique power due to the sentiments and emotions you experience when constructing a magic wand and the way you make it—for example, money, love, and health. how to make a magic wand

Creating and then using your own magic wand will boost the strength of your spells and offer you better results simply because you will be able to tap into so much more of your magical energy potential and naturally guide it towards your goals and desired outcomes. 

And don’t forget about the added bonus: they’re usually a lot of fun to build!

You can make your wand from the most fundamental piece of lumber or wood. You can either pull a twig from a tree or find one that has fallen to the ground. After all, we don’t want to cause too much damage to the tree by removing a bunch of useless branches!

You can either look for wood or twigs made of your favorite wood or look for something more appropriate for the spell work you’re planning.

Make a magic wand that fits your personality.

A magic wand doesn’t need to be clean and smooth. It also doesn’t have to be a gnarled and knotted ancient piece of wood to have “character.” Just because you are working on Witchcraft for Beginners, does not mean you need a specific “newbie” wand! Simply seek out anything that appears magical, something that you enjoy the appearance and feel of or even something that you are pulled to.

The length is also up to you, but most of my magic wands are around the thickness of a finger, tapering to a point and measuring around 10 inches long. However, do what feels right to you.

After choosing the raw material for your magic wand, it’s time to take it home and prepare it for use!

It must initially be tidy and clean. Unless you think mud clumps, grime, or loose, scraggly bits of bark and knots add to the character of your magic wand, remove them.

Burning, writing, or carving some patterns, signs, or symbols meaningful to you onto the magic wand is a lovely touch if you have the abilities. Smoother wands are becoming more common. Like myself, the majority of witches remove all of the bark before sanding it down.

Personalize and Make Your Magic Wand Truly YOU!

Additionally, adding personal brandings, such as the name of your chosen Goddess or Rede, your actual witch name, or even some corresponding runes, always looks fantastic and provides that personal and intimate touch. The more your homemade magic wand feels like a unique accessory rather than a tool, the better it will work!

After then, the magic wand must be blessed. To bless and anoint the wand, use a combination of incenses, charmed water, and oils. Various components will be used to enhance particular features of the wand, depending on your selected magical intent.

vampire magic spellsDress it up a bit! Add some ribbon or string, stones, charms, and perhaps some tiny gems or hand-me-down rings on the handle or the tip.

Finally, give your magic wand a name to finish the process of bringing it to life.

You can use your newly produced magic wand in several various ways. Simply keep the wand in your hand while casting the spell to help you focus and emphasize the words you’re saying. You may also use it as a beacon to assist you in summoning your Goddess or spirits to your alter or visualizing channeling your energy into objects.

Permit the magick to flow through you, and use your magic wand in whatever way feels right. Magick is very personal and necessitates complete surrender to the universe, so go with the flow and let the magic wand lead you.

Now that you know how to construct a magic wand go out and make one! Take a peek at some tremendous real magic spells that work like vampire spells once you’ve gotten your hands on a special and unique wand.

PS: If you want more significant power in your magick, don’t buy a magic wand; instead, build one!

Witchcraft For Beginners – First Two Fundamentals Are Done And Dusted!

These two “How To’s” discussed above are what I believe to be excellent places to start on your Witchcraft and Wiccan journey.
The two topics promote safety by learning how to cast a circle and also increasing power by creating, selecting, and using your very own magic wand!

Please visit our site at RealSpellsofMagic.com for more interesting and helpful information on all things magick!

I hope you have enjoyed this article on Witchcraft for Beginners!

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