What Is A Psychic Medium? There’s More Than Meets The Eye
What Is A Psychic Medium? There’s More Than Meets The Eye

What Is A Psychic Medium?

We associate “medium” with Ouija boardstarot cards, as well as crystal balls But, contrary to popular opinion, mediums are more than meets the eye. Here’s all you need to know about psychic mediums and clairvoyants, as well as what they claim to be capable of.

Mediums act as go-betweens for the living and the dead.

In other words, a medium, according to Kellee White, a certified psychotherapist, and spiritual medium is “someone who can communicate with spirits on the other side.” Mediums, contrary to popular belief, do not communicate with the dead. “There is no such thing as death,” White claims. “There is just a transition from physical to spiritual being… Mediums, on the other hand, are sensitive and intuitive enough to hear, feel, and see information from the other side.”

But how do psychics contact the afterlife?

Mediums claim to be able to have “conversations” with the dead in various ways. “Some choose to be possessed to serve as a conduit for spirits who require a human form to connect with this world,” says ChosenEyes, an Austin-based psychic, medium, and tarot card reader. Many mediums are also empathic and capable of sharing people’s experiences on both sides of the veil,” and some, like Chosen Eyes, “interact with spirits as clearly as they do with those on this physical plane.” “Many of us are continuously shifting between realities,” she claims.


What sets a medium apart from a psychic or clairvoyant?

It may be difficult to tell the difference between mediums, psychics, and clairvoyants. Many people believe that the terms are interchangeable, although this is not true. “Mediums may raise their frequency to a level high enough to connect to the other side,” White explains. “Psychics can impart knowledge about the past, present, or the future, but they cannot deliver signals from the other side,” while “clairs” generally have more robust communications, i.e. clairvoyants have a clear vision, clairaudients have clear hearing, and clairsentients have clear feeling.

According to ChosenEyes, these people “usually see time and space.” It is important to note, however, that one gift is not superior to the other. “Everything serves a purpose,” ChosenEyes says.

‘What is the difference between a medium and a psychic?’ is one of the most frequently asked questions. The term “psychic” is a catch-all phrase for anyone dealing with the paranormal. We are familiar with our five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. However, humans have a sixth sense that is as genuine as the others. This is a gut sensation or hunch that you cannot rationally explain. It is also referred to as our sixth sense, psychic ability, or intuition. Everyone has psychic abilities, but not everyone is a medium.

A psychic who has achieved extrasensory awareness and can communicate with entities from other realms is known as a medium. They can sense and/or hear ideas, voices, or mental imprints from the spirit world. A medium may become completely open to the higher frequency or energy on which spirit people respond.

Mediumship is significantly more sophisticated than psychics since a medium opens himself/herself to discarnate energy. Mediumship can be classified into two types. The primary and most common form is mental mediumship, which is how many people use their skills. They interact with spirits while fully conscious. As the name implies, this sort of mediumship employs the mind—the intuitive mind, not the intellectual or logical side. This type of mental mediumship is grouped into the following categories:


Clairsentience (clear feeling): The ability to sense information from spirit through forceful sentiments and emotions.

Clairvoyant (clear vision): Able to see things, colors, symbols, people, spirits, or situations with the mind’s eye (these images are not apparent to the human sight and generally flash into the medium’s mind).

Clairaudient (clear hearing): Capable of perceiving sounds or words emanating from a spiritual dimension.

Clairempathy (clear emotion): The ability to detect or “feel” the attitude or feelings of another person within oneself.

Clairgustance (clear tasting): The ability to detect the essence of material from spirit through taste.

Clairscent (clear smelling): The ability to detect a fragrance or odor emanating from the spirit.

Clairtangency (clear touching): The capacity to comprehend information about an object, its owner, or its history by holding it or touching someone or something (this ability is commonly known as psychometry)

The second type of mediumship is physical mediumship, as opposed to mental mediumship. In physical mediumship, the genuine physical body is used to obtain knowledge from spirit. In mental mediumship, only the medium’s mind is used. A popular sort of physical mediumship is channeling. A trance medium is another type of physical medium (someone who enters a trance state to convey communications from the other side).

Some persons are predisposed to mediumship more than others. They must typically develop inherent psychic abilities and mediumship skills through time.

https://richcitations.org/what-are-tarot-cards-and-how-do-they-work/What Are Tarot Cards?

Have you considered consulting a medium? Here’s what you can anticipate.

Clients should expect to “hear from” deceased friends and/or loved ones because mediums claim to communicate with the dead. The specifics of your session, however, will vary. “Every medium works differently,” ChosenEyes explains. “Be open to intangible experiences and knowledge you may not have asked for.” Expect some level of direction, perspective, clarity, honesty, and patience. “Mediums are humans crowded into a little space, so don’t hold them to an unfair standard.”

The simplest way to find a medium is to ask for a referral. Websites such as MediumSources.com provide public evaluations. Google gives customers a quick and easy way to cut through the noise. (When applicable, the search engine displays thorough ranking information as well as user input.) Personal recommendations are invaluable. White recommends finding a medium who “understands pain and loss… and offers good confirmation of the loved one on the other side,” including names, dates, and specific traits. Their message should be clear as well.

Our website has a refined selection of mediums, all with ratings that you can devour to help make the perfect choice for you.

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