What can acupuncture do for neck pain?
What can acupuncture do for neck pain?

Acupuncture for Neck Pain

You lead a hectic lifestyle. You must earn money, look after the house, keep the pets in check, and possibly look after children. That is why you do not have time to suffer from chronic, debilitating neck pain. That makes it hard to keep the position upright. Our team in Rivernorth Acupuncture Clinic makes it possible! With acupuncture treatments from acupuncture works, you can bid farewell to excruciating pain and reintroduce yourself to a life of happiness and relief. Contact our acupuncture team at Diamond Bar, CA today to learn more about our extensive acupuncture treatments or schedule an appointment.


Acupuncture is effective in treating certain types of neck pain, most notably those caused by whiplash. Acupuncture is shown to be effective in dealing with degenerative neck disorders. It’s like spondylosis and cervical spondylosis in some studies. In many cases, acupuncture has helped patients whose conditions were resistant to conventional treatment. Acupressure and herbal medicine are occasionally combined.

Back and neck pain can be treated in various ways, including with hot or cold packs, exercise, stretching, medications, and braces. While these are all viable options, you may also wish to consider acupuncture. After all, acupuncture does more than alleviate pain. Additionally, it can assist you in improving your health from the inside out. The Rivernorth Acupuncture clinic offers acupuncture and other services. The clinic has been run by our owner and licensed Hyosu Kim, an acupuncturist. He also has a degree in Korean / Chinese medicine from Kyung Hee University and has long-standing experience in acupuncture and herbal health.

20th of May, 2021 — Is acupuncture better for back and neck pain, or is massage treatment better? One recent massage study has been published, and different acupuncture is better. Your best bet is to make your guide your personal choice. Kim says, “acupuncture is standard in the world. Western medicine is excellent and successful, but many are chronic. Success is lacking, and eastern medicine may be the right choice.

What’s the pain in the neck?

In case of acute or severe neck rigidity, only gentle stretches of the range are likely to be completed in a few directions without aggravating the pain. It is not advisable to carry out a more muscular activity or practice if pain levels are increased. For a steep neck, see four manageable lengths
In cases where neck pain and stiffness become chronic, it can help keep the neck strong and flexible in a daily routine that can help lower pain and improve function. It is usual for the channel to have some increased swelling and discomfort later when beginning neck exercises or stretching, but the activities should not increase pain during performed.

A lousy neck may occur quite suddenly, or it may slowly develop over months or even years. Neck strain, spasms, pain in the neck and headache, neck pain on the right side, on either side of the shoulder, or either side, pain in the neck, pain in the back and neck, or pain in the back. Sigmation, immobility, general soreness, sharpness, stitching pains, and pain that radiates in and out of the shoulder can include symptoms and signs associated with neck pain.

Your neck is a susceptible body part. Its significance, after all, keeps your head up! And if your neck is hurt or out of harmony, this will affect your quality of life. Some facts on neck pain are presented here: Neck problems usually arise due to chronic tension or a poor posture often caused by use by the phone and computer.

What can acupuncture do for neck pain?

acupuncture for neck pain

In many cases, persistent neck pain may be caused by their occupation, lousy posture, or overuse. Workers who do repeated tasks will most likely be affected by neck pain, remain sitting for an extended period, and always use their top extremities. The neck is made from vertebrae stretching between the skull and the upper torso. Additionally, it is one of the most malleable and sensitive areas of the body. You sometimes don’t know that your neck gets stressed throughout the day while performing various tasks at your place of work.

You might wonder how good acupuncture is. Has the medical research pattern passed?
For pain conditions, the national center for complementary and integrative health says yes. But caution, they’re not so sure for other things. Translated: You may get pain relief with acupuncture, but do not count on it to cure the underlying cause. Your back or neck may be affected.

The treatment of back and neck pain can involve acupuncture and massage therapy. But what is the most effective solution? One recent study found that massage therapy was more effective, while another study found. The best way to allow patients to decide how to treat their pain is their personal preference.

Stimulation of pain in the neck on the back of the pain can cause stiffness in the neck. When stimulating, the pressure point may release endorphins (chemicals) in the brain similar to morphine to a pain relief effect. The stimulation of the acupressure point for neck pain is also supposed to block painful impulses in the brain from the spinal cord. Research has shown that these points lower electric current resistance and modulate electrical activity by stimulating these points like needle-free acupuncture.

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