Tan Kote vs. Resolene What You Need To Know
Tan Kote vs. Resolene What You Need To Know

Tan Kote vs. Resolene Which One Is Best

Tan Kote vs Resolene if you want to know which one works best read on, there are a variety of top coatings available for leather items. It might be challenging to determine which topcoat is best for you.

When it comes to leather care, it’s hard to know which product is better: Tan Kote or Resolene? Whether you’re new to the world of leather care or a seasoned practitioner, this article has all the answers you need.

With this post, you’ll learn about the distinctions between Tan Kote and Resolene and how to care for your leather before applying the topic coat so that it can endure for years.

Condition Your Leather First

To prepare your leather for the topcoat, use a cream or oil to condition it first. Keep in mind that conditioning oils might alter the color of the leather, while creams hydrate the leather.

Conditioning your leather is critical to keep it strong, avoid cracking, keep water out of the fibers, and protect it from stains and filth. It’s also crucial to maintain it clean. To keep your leather looking its best, you should treat it once a month, particularly if you wear it a lot.

Clean the leather with warm water and soap before applying a leather conditioner and allowing it to dry completely. With a dry cloth, apply the conditioner in circular motions and then rub it off with another dry cloth, using circular motions, to remove the conditioner from the surface of your hair.

Why a Top Coat Is Necessary

For various reasons, it’s a good idea to apply a top coat to your leather. Just dyeing your leather item? Use a top layer to prevent dye from rubbing off everything your leather comes into contacts with, such as your skin and clothes. Colors seem more brilliant as a result of this treatment as well.

You should also topcoat your leather since it adds a subtle gloss to the surface and prevents it from seeming drab. The additional layer of water and scratch resistance is a welcome bonus.

It’s Resolene vs. Tan Kote

You can choose from a variety of topcoats for your leather, and they come in aerosol cans and thicker forms that can be applied with a cloth. Most leather topcoats are available in satin, matte, and gloss.

Tan Kote vs. Resolene will be the topic of this essay. Take a look at the pros and cons of each one in the list that follows.

Tan Kote

Your leather goods might benefit from Tan Kote, a resin-based finish. This alternative has the drawback of not being waterproof. Eventually, you will have to reapply this leather finish since it wears away over time.

Tan Kote’s ability to be washed off and reapplied is a feature some people enjoy since it allows them to use a conditioner over the finish and reapply it if necessary.

Getting a Job:

Ensure your leather is totally dry before applying the topcoat if you recently coloured it. Wait a few hours before applying the finish to leather that has just been conditioned.

To apply Tan Kote, you will need a piece of dry wool or cloth and a circular motion. Use a substantial quantity and work your way into all nooks and crannies.

Allow the finish to dry overnight, or use a hairdryer set to no or low heat to hasten the process. Using another dry wool or towel, buff the leather again until you have the gloss you want.

Apply a light application of Tan Kote to the leather and let it dry before moving on to the next step. It is possible to apply extra finish coats once the first coat has dried. If you wish to remove any excess Tan Kote or even it out, you may buff it after applying the last layer.


Resolene , unlike Tan Kote, is an acrylic-based product that is more flexible, waterproof, and UV-resistant than Tan Kote. It also makes the final product more lustrous. You may dilute the solution by adding water, but Resolene is more difficult to apply evenly than Tan Kote. The final buffing will help you achieve an equal application.

If you recently colored your leather, be sure that it has had time to dry before putting Resolene to it thoroughly. Also, if you’ve conditioned your leather, you’ll want to wait a few hours before applying your finish.

May use a piece of dry cloth or sheep’s wool to apply the Resolene finish on your leather item once it’s ready. For best results, use circular and back-and-forth motions to get the finish into every nook and cranny. To avoid drying out pieces while you work, move as soon as possible.

May use a hairdryer set to medium heat to speed up the drying process after applying Resolene. The leather must be buff once it has dried to obtain the desired appearance.

You may use an aerosol can to apply the topcoat if you like, but you should wait for it to dry before adding any more applications. The last stage might also be a buffing of the topcoat.

Don’t let your leather suffer!

If you take care of it, leather will last a lifetime. It’s essential to know how to maintain your leather furniture looking its best for decades, if not centuries.

Cleanliness is Key!

Once a week, wipe down your leather item to maintain it in great shape. A moist washcloth is all that’s required to remove all the dust that has gathered.

Throughout many days. Debris will be kept out of your leather, keeping it in good condition.

Allow it to Breathe

Airtight containers and bags are often used to store objects that are no longer needed or wanted. It’s best to avoid this with leather items since leather needs air to keep mildew at bay.

Water may be trapped in leather strands, and the passage of air must evaporate it. This can’t happen if your leather products are sealed up.

A Spot Test.

Preparing to use any solution on your leather goods, you should first apply it to a tiny part of the material to ensure it is safe. Make sure it looks the way you want by testing it out first.

Let the area dry overnight to understand better how the final result will appear. In this way, you may avoid wasting your time and effort if you are not happy with the last look of your leather product after applying the solution to its whole surface.

Condition Regularly

As previously said, you should give your leather item a thorough treatment once a month. You may also reapply your topcoat if you’ve used Tan Kote on your leather and observed that the lustre has started to fade.

A well-moisturized leather product is likely to persist for many years without cracks or brittleness. In addition, it’s the best method to protect the leather from drying up and appearing worn out.

Avoid Direct Exposure to the Sunlight.

What Every Leather Crafter NeedsResolene , a UV-resistant leather product, is nevertheless necessary to keep out of direct sunlight even if treated with Resolene. In the same way, do not expose your leather to direct heat.

You don’t want your leather item to be exposed to too much light or too much heat. This means that you should keep your leather in a cold, dark area.

In closing, here are a few things to keep in mind

Tan Kote vs. Resolene is a matter of preference when it comes to the longevity and gloss of the topcoat.

Resolene is your best option if you’re looking for a top coat that won’t need to be reapplied as often. On the other hand, you may like the ease with which Tan Kote can be removed and prefer a less polished finish since this may seem manufactured.

Any topcoat you choose will protect your leather.

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