Selling Wearable Electronic Devices Is A Growth Opportunity for eCommerce Businesses
Selling Wearable Electronic Devices Is A Growth Opportunity for eCommerce Businesses

eCommerce Businesses that are selling wearable electronic devices are taking advantage of what amounts to a great growth opportunity in this hot niche. Websites set up to sell the latest generation of activity bands and smartwatches through natural (free of charge) search engine marketing and monetized with Media Ads, Amazon banners, and for example, AliExpress product feeds – are in a great position to make money. Such businesses can be started from a very low investment this way, and as their cashflow grows can easily move into media ads to grow their sales even further, while still keeping the need for external investment low.

According to the data analysts at Statista:

Wearable electronic devices are quickly becoming an integral segment of the consumer electronics industry. Wearables come in a variety of different forms and serve a vast array of purposes for their users such as fashion accessories, fitness trackers, gaming devices, and navigation tools. Sales revenue from wearable devices is projected to grow from around 16 billion U.S. Dollars in 2016 to around 73 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. Together with skyrocketing sales revenue numbers, worldwide shipments for wearables are also expected to increase dramatically in the coming years. Smartwatches are the wearables that account for the largest share of end-consumer spending globally and are expected to keep growing.” via Statista.

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How to Optimize eCommerce Websites in the Wearable Electronic Devices Niche

To home in a bit further, from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective as the number of models from the existing players in the market rapidly expands buyers are looking ever more for comparative reviews. So, domain names that incorporate the word “review” are wonderfully poised to appeal to all those legions of web searchers who love to read a product review before buying.

One of the available domain extensions now available is the “.review” extension and domain names such as “SportGadget.Review” are wonderfully poised to entice visitors to their pages. As is always the case, a domain name that is descriptive and easy to remember will do well. Add in all the attributes of a premium domain, and such websites will always tend to do better than competitors in this way.

Some of the more recently available extensions such as the .review extension tend to get overlooked, and that means that they are always worth checking for availability as there are still many premium quality URLs still out there waiting to be grabbed by the astute entrepreneur. What can be better for a person surfing on the internet, than not having to type the irrelevant words “com”, “net” or “org”, when seeking a review? Here is where the .review extension excels because in the wearable electronic devices niche the extension is so pertinent to the majority of searcher’s intent for the search being conducted.

Watch the following video for the main points of this article:

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How to Optimize eCommerce Web Articles in the Wearable Electronic Devices Niche

For any niche website to be successful in attracting free traffic the articles provided need to be closely focused on the niche, contain a wide range of the expert technical terms used within that niche and, for Google recognition at least, need to be mostly long-style authoritative “expert” articles.

Such well-optimized niche web sites attract some of the most highly relevant traffic it is possible to generate online. When articles (posts) are honed in this way, they show up in the top search engines, not only Google. While Google is larger as a traffic referrer than the others, it would be unwise to dismiss the importance of the likes of Bing, Yahoo, and the increasingly popular “DuckDuckGo” search engines. Naturally, by satisfying these other search engines as well as a source of visitors, SEO optimized, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) websites can be very profitable indeed.

Image-based Search Engines As a Source of Website Traffic

Text-based search engines should not be viewed as the only target search engines either. When articles are genuinely well written and optimized you can expect at least 1/3 of the traffic from search engines other than Google. Appealing graphics when used will also attract visitors from Pinterest. But intriguing featured images within articles also attract a significant traffic volume. How would they do that? Well. What is not often realised is that many people use “image search” in preference to text-based search engines. Google, in particular, made a change several years ago to include links to the original web page for each image in their “image search”, so their images pages are in fact nothing other than a colourful search engine!

Recent Developments in Wearable Electronic Device Technology

The activity monitoring technology built into these products has moved ahead rapidly in recent years, and the very real motivational benefits from “Fitness Bands” and “Activity Watches” are now just becoming clear to the buying public.

This means a perfect storm of sales is brewing in this market as:

  • the tech reduces in cost, and
  • the value of the data monitored becomes recognised by the masses.

Well devised and written affiliate based business websites in the wearable electronic devices niche can provide an easy buy-in to this trending market at extremely low risk of loss. Not only that, it is a newbie-friendly way to build a business once the website structure has been created, and writing of the fresh reviews needed as each new product come to market can if necessary be sub-contracted to freelance writers.

If buying a pre-built website the buyer can choose to sell the already loaded affiliate products in any national or international market they choose, and from a base in almost any nation globally. As long as they have a banking service to tap into, and receive the affiliate income, they can trade. This requires signing up for a few relevant affiliate accounts with suppliers and/ or sellers.

This website is a little over 3 months old since the first upload. This is too short a period for the search engines to get into gear and send much traffic.

Highlights – Strengths and Opportunites Which Exist in This Business

Watch out, traditional watch manufacturers! Soon, nobody will want an old-style timepiece!

We genuinely believe that over the next 10 years the “gadgets” sold in the niche will supplant today’s watches almost entirely. With this in mind, the wearable electronic device niche has hardly reached the foothills yet of its massive sales potential.

There is a likely, CORONAVIRUS BONUS here as well.

As nations move into the coronavirus recovery stage, large numbers of people are expected to join the re-opened gyms. There is a huge pent-up demand for exercise among all ages as a way to combat the risk of serious illness and even death. Surveys have shown that while the coronavirus threat has hung over people they have been forced to confront the harsh reality that unless they do keep fit they will be much more likely to succumb to the coronavirus. Not only that, other viruses will persist, and not to forget the covid mutations which are sure to keep appearing for years to come.

Larger numbers of people than ever before are now determined to get more active. Many of these will be desperate to also lose weight. So, these wearable electronic products sell to both markets.

Even where coronavirus hangs-on, people will have the cash built-up during the idle months of winter to spend freely as the warmer months come. What better if your gym is still closed than invest in your motivation to exercise at home but never alone, aided by these devices?

The “Love of Sharing” Drives Sales of Wearable Devices

For those that love to share their aspirations on social media, the integrated smartphone apps used with these devices allow friendships to blossom while “getting fit”. At the same time, their natural competitiveness grips users of these wearables to show others how they “move more each day”. For them, to be able to show-off just how many more steps they are achieving in comparison with their peers is a huge motivator driving them to use these devices.

There is also a snowball effect in this market. Simply put it like this: Early adopters are buying these gadgets and they are delighting in sharing their activity data. That spreads the word within their social circles. Very soon their friends see how these devices are being used. They see their peers getting fitter and enjoying it. Very soon they each want their own!

Getting Fitter Can Also Result in Weight Loss

For those that need to lose weight, it’s so much easier to keep going with exercise and dieting when using these devices. They are able to show family and friends how well they are exercising, through the integrated apps and social network sharing tools that come with these devices.

This All Adds Up to A Hot Niche!

We do believe that the popularity of these tracking watches is in its infancy and that the wearable activity tracking devices this website sells will go on to grab a huge market. That huge market will largely ultimately come from replacing billions of traditional watches currently in use. Most of us that wear watches still wear old fashioned timepieces, but soon we too will be wearing these smartwatches.

The growth is there and the big hitters are buying into the technology.

It’s Always Worth Watching the Business Giants to Assess the Value of Entering a Niche

The evidence for growth investment in this niche is there in plain sight to see! Google bought Fitbit, the market leader in activity bands in the autumn of 2020.

Apple, who are well-known never to be slow to spot an opportunity in new technology, realised the potential over 10 years ago with their first Apple Watches. Now, just check out how often they are developing the technology to bring out new models. The pace of announcing improvements made has never been faster. The advances being made with each new model are significant and adding to sales by compelling new purchases among existing users!

Look back over the years and you will see that very few, if any, business people have done themselves anything other than good by following in the path of Apple and Google.

If you need any further evidence of that, just go to Amazon and search for the “Apple Watch”. Despite the fact that this brand is surely over-priced when compared with the competition, it’s premium-priced models are mostly sold out right now! Just click through a selection of sellers and models on Amazon and you’ll be amazed how the suppliers are struggling to keep up with the current demand!

Operations Required for Affiliate and Dropshipping eCommerce Websites

All the owner of e-commerce websites is recommended to do, to maintain their businesses, is to add new articles regularly and periodically update the products where old products are discontinued, and new models come on the market. The estimated time commitment is around 4 hours/ per week, assuming article writing will be outsourced.

Customer Profile and Segmentation

Customers for these devices span all ages except for inactive seniors. They are bought primarily for their fitness tracking abilities, but the higher range models have the true advantage of their functionality on the wrist. Some premium models will even make phone calls right from the wrist and don’t require the user to bring their phone with them. As the technology improves an ever-larger number of buyers are likely to be those who simply wish to have a “mobile phone on their wrist”.

This means that the customer profile is ever-growing into such markets as the fashion accessory market. Yes, these watches were once very chunky, but miniaturization continues and the best models emerging are simply beautiful with crisp bight displays, and wonderfully designed. The best premium models are marrying form and function like never before.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is usually intended through the use of good SEO on a content-rich eCommerce website, with optimized long (and authoritative articles) to attract visitors who read the content and decide to check out the devices offered on the website. By providing the visitor with valuable comparative information about the available products, trust is developed between the visitor and the website.

It is recommended that the buyer offers visitors the opportunity to receive each new article as an email, via a simple to install newsletter plugin. That will provide the ability for the buyer to build an email list, develop customer loyalty, and achieve repeat sales.

Customers can equally well be acquired through paid advertising for this website business if the buyer so wishes.

Customer Retention

Customer retention in this business will build over a period of time with return visitors invited back via a Newsletter List whenever new models come on sale and new articles are written to review each new model. The Newsletter is used to offer incentives to retain and bring back previous buyers, such as coupons and special seasonal offers. This is a well-established business model on which there are abundant training courses across the internet.

Wearable Electronic Devices Business Financials

Growth in revenue and profit should be available to the owner of this affiliate website business as the percentage of each sale made by referrals from this website. Percentages paid to affiliates in this niche vary between approximately 2% for Amazon sales, to 6 to 9% on Aliexpress sales. As sales volumes rise it is also recommended that the website business contacts their sellers and negotiates better sales percentages. However, to do this successfully requires the ability to show a healthy sales revenue for each affiliate product. Such improved margins should be possible in time, but not until some time has passed for the website to build and mature.

While affiliate sales percentage payments are low in comparison with other revenue models, any potential buyer of this business should appreciate that the time input and resulting costs are far lower than other business models.

For example, all customer satisfaction, delivery and returns issues are dealt with by the seller to whom you provide affiliate sales leads. The work on this business can all be done in a busy person’s spare time while working full-time. This allows many people the ability to build a side business for additional income.

The new owner could however just as easily use a wearable electronic devices website as a drop-shipping site, and the choice between affiliate revenue and a “drop-shipping” business model is normally made based upon criteria that are well explained at various locations on the internet.

The author of this article is currently selling a website by auction on the SportGadget.Review domain which has been pre-built as a starter business to benefit from this Wearable Electronic Devices hot niche website business opportunity.

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