Staxio SEO – Google Ranking Monster

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Build a Staxio SEO Monster

Dominate Rankings, ANY Property, ANY Niche, ANY Purpose

Using The Power Of Google To Rank In Google

  • Automatically Create Google Sites
  • Build Unlimited Cloud BackLinks
  • Dominate Local Searches & Niches
  • Create & Stack Authority from Google
  • Rank Multiple Keywords with MultiPage Sites
  • Funnel Targeted Search Engine Traffic



Staxio SEO – Google Ranking Monster

Automate Websites & Backlinks

Build a Digital Empire of websites & powerful properties that drive organic traffic. The best part? It’s all automated

Authority Stacks

Using Google Properties is a powerful method that stacks trust and authority by fully utilizing every component of the Google ecosystem to its max potential.

Staxio heavily interlinks from and to each property within the GDrive stack using naked URLs, shortened links, and targeted keyword anchors.

This is how you build powerful backlinks and climb the search rankings without being an SEO expert or a website wizard.

Google Sites

Imagine creating free Google websites that look like real websites.

With Call-to-Action header images, Multiple pages, Backlinks, JSON-LD schema, IFrame embeds, articles, videos, pictures, and more*

Now imagine ranking all those sites page #1 in Google search results. What would you do with that amount of power in your hands?

* secret strategies revealed only to our valued members.



Your Digital Empire will have its roots in Google properties, which all have the potential to rank in every Search Engine in the world.
But don’t take our word for it! This image shows how many Documents, Spreadsheets, Slides, and Google Forms are already ranking.
This is a HUGE opportunity and you too can access this untapped source of free organic traffic.

Staxio creates High DA Backlinks
from Google including:

Meet the world’s #1st SEO tool

That Runs Inside Your Google Account


Google Sites Builder

Create powerful Google Sites automatically.

Authority Stacks Builder

Build powerful High DA Google authority stacks for your keywords.

Article & Image Scraper

Scrape images and articles from multiple sources.

Google Cloud BackLinks

Run unlimited Google Cloud Backlink campaigns for you or your clients.

Mass-Page Websites

Generate sites with multiple pages in minutes, filled with keywords and relevant content.

  • SEO & Digital Agencies
  • Product Reviewers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Citation & Link Builders
  • Businesss Owners
  • Video Bloggers
  • Freelancers

Staxio Is Perfect For

Driving your SEO game to new heights, Starting your own digital marketing business in no time, Selling Done-For-You services for clients, Running your own freelance business with the latest top-notch SEO strategies, Rank & Rent websites for a monthly profit, and much much more. With Staxio you can tap into a fast-growing Billion dollar industry from the comfort of your home.

Get access to an untapped source of Organic Traffic and turn Google into an automated virtual assistant that does all the heavy lifting for you.

100% Cloud Based

  • No Browser Automation Tool
  • No Software Installation
  • No Proxies or Captchas
  • No Browser Emulation
  • No VPS or VM needed
  • No Downloads

Staxio is a first-of-a-kind Web App that runs 100% from inside your own Google account Only thing you need is a web browser. There’s nothing to download, no need for expensive VPS, Virtual Machines or any extra hardware. And you also don’t need proxies or captcha solving services.

With Staxio you have the power to get any site on the front page of Google

  • Use Google’s own Power and properties to rank
  • Drive massive authority to your web properties
  • Rank Multiple Keywords with Multi-Page Sites
  • Build strong topical & keyword relevance
  • Create unlimited High DA Backlinks
  • Rank ANY website at the top of Search Results
  • Dominate local searches & specific niches
  • Funnel targeted organic traffic to any site
  • Drive thousands of visitors to any offer
  • Capture more leads and phone calls

And dominate rankings without being a website wizard or spending a fortune

Backlink building

Automated, Done-For-You High-Authority Follow Links. It is NOT the amount of links that allows your properties to be favored by search engines. Its the Authority and Relevance of those links. With Staxio you will have the power to start exploiting Google to get as much traffic, leads and sales like you never seen before.

Local SEO ranking

Build Local Citations, boost Local Rankings! For businesses, local SEO has never been more critical. Local citations (NAP) and Link Signals are two of the most important factors that influence local SEO rankings. And Staxio allows you to build both, enriched with map embeds and geo

Video ranking

Ever dreamed of having an automated Video Embedding web app for fast video rankings, and create silo structures to power up the keywords you wanna rank for on YouTube? Now is the future, we made it a reality.

Drive Traffic to Any Business

You’re not the only one who wants more traffic and better rankings. Do you know who else does? Everyone. But most people don’t have time, energy or the manpower to build these powerful properties manually. It’s time consuming and there are too many details that can be easily missed. This is why Staxio exists. You will access Google’s untapped source of free organic traffic that you can drive to any business.

Affiliate Offers

Video Channels

Physical Goods

Digital Products


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