Plaster Ceiling Repairs
Plaster Ceiling Repairs

Plaster Ceiling Repairs

A sagging ceiling is an indication that the ceiling is at risk of falling.
It is a hazardous building condition and the ceiling can collapse with no warning.
Falling ceilings weigh a lot!
Plasterboard is heavy and it will do a lot of damage to the room and cause injuries to people who are under the collapsed areas.



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Sagging Ceiling Repairs


Often they can start sagging and cracking without a home owner noticing.
Sometimes there will be an indication like white plaster flakes from the damaged ceiling being found on the floor
Other signs that you may notice are:

  • Sagging or cracking
  • Small round circles (these are screws popping)
  • Water stains or patches on the ceiling
  • Swollen or bubbled areas
  • Dark patches or mould growth
  • Areas of moisture or ‘sweating’

All of these are indications that you need to call a plasterer in to asscess what is happening and get it repaired.

Home Owners With Damaged Ceilings

Sagging ceilings occur because the gyprock board is coming away from the structural joists.
Sagging ceilings do happen in the  ageing process of any building, and all home and business owners should be watching for signs of sagging.

When it comes to a ceiling repairs, the ceiling is unstable and it’s time to have a professional ceiling fixer look at it.
If there is by water damage due to a storm or a burst pipe, you can often get your home insurance to cover the repairs.

Tenants With Damaged Ceilings

If  you are renting a residential property or a commercial property and you’re noticing the signs of a sagging ceiling. You do need to make a report to your property manager.
They will come an assess the damage and arrange for the repairs to be made.
Do not ignore the signs as a damaged ceiling can collapse with no warning.
If the ceiling has had water damage – You do not want to allow it to continue as ceilings are a great place for mould to take hold and start to spread.
Mould growing in the roof cavity will not be noticeable until it is a real problem.

Damp Ceiling Repair

Water damage is one of the main reasons why a ceiling will need to be repaired.
Plasterboard and water do not mix.
Water weakens the plasterboard and will cause it to swell and weaken
Plasterboard sheets are made up of layers of paper and gypsum – neither of these materials are designed to get wet.
Mould will also set into a damp ceiling and this alone can cause serious health concerns as the mould spores are breathed in by the building’s occupants.

Water Damage Or Insurance Work

Your ceiling can easily get wet in Brisbane through a storm.
Water has flooded the gutters and it can be forced up under the gutters into the roof cavity.
Or there may be damaged tiles on the roof. – This often happens if you have had tradesmen on your roof doing repairs such as installing a TV aerial or roof cleaning and resurfacing or when you have had gutters cleaned.
Tiles have been cracked when a tradesman has stepped on one.
You will not know there is roof damage until there is a storm and you have water damage appearing on your ceiling.

Other ways that water can damage a ceiling is when there is a leaking pipe or a leaking air conditioning unit.
If you are seeing damp or wet patches on your ceiling, it’s not something you should easily pass up. In fact, it should definitely be a cause for alarm.
Continuing to ignore water marks on your ceiling, may result in significant ceiling repair costs and long-term problems.


To Repair Instead Of Ceiling Replacement

Repairs can be carried out in many different ways but it will depend upon what is causing the damage.
If the ceiling has a slight sag, you can propping up the ceiling and reattaching sagging boards to the joists.
Areas have had water damage can have the  damaged section cut out and the area patched
All repairs will most likely require joins or cracks to be repaired and the ceiling will need to be repainted.

Fixing The Sag


This can be done on ceilings that have slight sags that have recently happened.
Adhesive is injected onto the boards and then the plaster  is pushed back into place against the lath and secure it with forms.
This step spreads the adhesive so that it bonds to a greater surface area.

The forms are left in place for a minimum of 24 hours so the glue will set.
Screws can also be added for extra strength.
If the sag is is considerable or it has been like that for considerable time – We do not recommend trying to repair it.
You are battling with gravity and heavy boards are not always going to hold with this method for a length of time.
It can be easier and even cheaper to demolish the ceiling and replace it.
You are then guaranteed of workmanship in this case.


Professional Plastering Work

There is going to be an inconvenience when repairing or replacing ceiling damage.
It will be very dusty when the gyprock sheets are removed and the roof cavity and insulation are exposed.
But once this is demolished and removed, the entire replacement work is done quickly as the plasterboard sheets are large and easy to shape and fix into place
All repairs will require repainting of the entire ceiling.
You cannot just paint one areas as it will not blend.
After the repairs and completed and the ceiling replaced, it will be a noticeably large improvement in how the room looks and feels. It will be lighter and look larger.


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With our team of experienced plastering contractors, we are sure to give your good and quality plasters  for your ceiling not just for a firm structure but a long lasting period of time.

We can repair or replace that sagging ceiling in your home or workplace.

The best news is that all of these services and more are available at an affordable price!
So if you are resident in Brisbane and you need to get your sagging plaster ceiling repaired or replaced, then look no further than the Brisbane Plastering Team

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