How To Sell A House Antioch CA – 10 Home Staging Tips
How To Sell A House Antioch CA – 10 Home Staging Tips

If you’re thinking about selling your house or asking How To Sell A House Antioch CA, there are some simple ways to prepare it for sale.  Declutter, stage rooms with furniture and accessories that complement each other are a few ideas.. Remove or de-personalize items that don’t belong on the walls (like family photos).

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the potential in a house and make it show its best qualities.  Does home staging add value to my home when selling?   Yes, Home Staging is a process for preparing your home to sell by making necessary changes that will maximize curb appeal. As well as give buyers an idea of what life could be like in this space.

Replace worn-out carpets and rugs with area rugs that can conceal stains or dirt more easily. Paint all interior walls so they look fresh again and wash windows inside and out.  As we review Home Staging Tips for Antioch CA Homes for Sale you will sharpen your ideas to prepare your home for resale.

Home staging can help you get the most out of your investment and make it easier to find the perfect buyer. You’ll never know who might be interested, so don’t leave money on the table by not making sure everything is in tip-top shape.

It’s no secret that home staging can be the deciding factor in whether or not a property is purchased. With so many buyers out there, your house needs to stand out if you want it sold!

Home Staging Tips For Antioch CA


How To Sell A House Antioch CA – Home Staging Tips For A Quick Sale and Higher Sales Price

Let’s take a closer look at your home’s interior and exterior features. Including landscaping, fencing, roof, walkways, patios to see what you can do to maximize its worth.  Delayed repairs and maintenance affect property value. The following are examples of external price drivers.   These will help you How To Sell A House Antioch CA before hiring a listing agent.

1. Property maintenance: Whether you want to sell or buy a home, know what needs to be done and follow through with the necessary repairs.

2. Renovation opportunity: Are you considering some type of renovation? Figure out how to increase the value by doing this – and keep it in the plans.

3. Open floor plan: Consider what will be involved with selling the house with no changes in the layout of the rooms. Decide what room(s) will be removed and would you consider selling with only the minimum number of rooms.

4. Roof:  Having a roof inspector analyze the condition of your roof.  They will help you to know if it should be replaced, repaired or left alone.

5. Make sure to caulk cracks around windows and doors so moisture will not enter and cause dry rot damage.

6. Check your gates and fences to make sure they are stable and strong.   Are your walkways clear and free of debris?  Are your shrubs, grass, bushes and trees cut back nicely?  Remembering curb appeal goes a long way and makes all the difference to a potential home buyer.

7. Do any walls and trim inside your home need to be painted with a new coat of paint in a neutral color?

8. Is your flooring clean and tidy and in good repair?  Do you think a flooring company should come and give you a report on your flooring condition?

9. Focus your remodel and repair energy and budget on the rooms that bring the return on investment and have the highest value.

10.  Have you removed all of your personal effects, wall hangings, knick-knacks, cleared the shelves and put things in storage or had a garage sale?  Is the garage fairly empty and clean?

Would a buyer come to visit the property and feel it is ready for them to move in?  Or would they feel they would have a massive cleaning project on their hands before moving in?  Which could potentially lowering the purchase price of your home.

How To Find The Best Home Staging Professionals 

As a home seller, you may feel the need to reinvent yourself in the “selling” process, and in doing so you may find yourself exploring the many services and tools for home staging you can access. Home staging is a great way to give your home a new lease on life, as well as a much-needed sales boost.

A staged home can be a selling feature that potential buyers will remember and refer to time and time again. Selling our home created a lot of extra stress for my family. We made a lot of interior and exterior changes and then felt burdened with the maintenance and upkeep of our home.

Call around and interview several home staging companies as well as look at their online reviews. Ask friends and neighbors and local real estate professionals to give you a list of home stagers so you can find the Best Home Staging Professionals to work with.

Let the home staging professionals know that you are interested in How to sell a house Antioch CA. The home stagers will be able to guide you with the right suggestions and help develop a home staging game plan for you.

Which Rooms Should Be Remodeled To Sell My House For Top Dollar?

You should paint every room in your home. It can be completely worth it to paint every room in your home. Think about the time you’ll save if you paint the whole house. Be sure to paint the walls, trim, doors, baseboards, as well as, high traffic areas such as the staircases and fireplace.  Paint and Repair your home before you list the home for sale.

Once you paint, think about your decorating. The choice of home decor depends on your taste. You want to keep the furniture you have and keep it as updated as possible.

When you are trying to sell your home, it can be difficult to figure out which rooms need improvement. Homeowners want to sell their home fast but there is a lot of conflicting information on the internet.  Getting a realistic list of tasks to complete as well as cost will be important to the transaction. You also have to consider that not all homeowners want or can afford a full remodel.

When it comes to selling a house, the kitchen and bathrooms are typically the first rooms to go through renovations. But what about other areas of the house?  Get advice from your real estate agent on which rooms to focus on that will bring the fastest home sale for the highest price.

Properties Staged Professionally Sell Faster – How To Sell A House Antioch CA

Tips for Home Staging - How to sell a house

Are you a home seller or the owner of a house that has been sitting on the market for an extended period of time? Have you thought about getting advice from professional home stagers?

Many sellers are tempted to look at staging as an expensive extravagance.  Staging a home will actually save the seller money by increasing their home’s value and getting more buyers interested in it.

In fact, recent research shows that properties staged professionally sell faster and for higher prices than those that aren’t staged at all.

Staging is the new name for the design and decorating to give a home an appearance that buyers are drawn to.

Appliances that are kept in the kitchen are must-haves, especially dishwashers and refrigerators. More buyers today want a large kitchen or nice eating area in their home. Therefore, you should not move large appliances.

A smaller refrigerator can be a huge selling point. Cleared off shelves can be displaying wonderful pictures, cookbooks, table settings and a lot of other items you can display.

Staging Can Bring Out The Best Features Of A Home

Kitchen counters should also be clear of clutter. A well-organized kitchen is much easier to show. You should also remove any wall-to-wall carpeting, except for a small area, and replace it with tile or laminate. Staining or sealing carpeting is a necessity.

When you are trying to sell your house, it is important that you have decided on the right staging and remodeling approach. That your home staging professional has laid out the best path for you and maybe even given you some options.

Staging can bring out the best features of a home.  Sometimes a home will require remodel work and sometimes just light touches are all that will be needed.

A few basic things will be needed to be done before you stage your home. First, you will need furniture and decor that make your house look lived in. Ensure there is ample seating for guests as well as some food in the kitchen to show you’re welcoming and have enough space for hosting parties.

You’ll also need to buy some throw blankets and pillows so it looks like people are relaxing on the couch or sleeping in their beds at night time. Finally, I would recommend buying plants!

Plants bring nature into the home without having to actually go out into nature.

How Much Does It Cost to Stage a Home – How To Sell A House Antioch CA

The cost to stage a home will vary widely based on many factors.  The average cost to stage a home is $2,500. This includes both the work of professionals and materials such as furniture, décor, etc.

Do you want a home staging estimate for the labor from a professional staging company?  The average cost would be around $1,000-$3,000 depending on the size and condition of your home.

Keep in mind that the size and style of the home and even the price range of a neighborhood might affect the staging cost.  As you can imagine staging a multi-million dollar mansion would be significantly higher than staging a much smaller home in a less expensive town.


You will need to read is a lot of information when preparing to sell your home. You will not find a short cut. There is a tremendous amount of detail that must be satisfied before listing your home for sale. Don’t allow your agent to steer you towards specific products.

You will need to have all the important information decided prior to finalizing a listing contract. The purchasing of the right agent is a big decision that could make or break a sale.

Call the Real Estate Transition Team to answer your questions and Learn How To Sell A House Antioch CA.

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