How to Create a Waitlist and Why It’s Useful
How to Create a Waitlist and Why It’s Useful

Steps to Creating a Waitlist

Email marketing is one of the most efficient strategies to remain in touch with your consumers and drive repeat business. One of the best methods to grow a list of subscribers is through a waiting list.

A waiting list is a list of people who exhibit interest in your product or service before introducing it.

Many firms and marketers have utilized waiting lists to develop email marketing campaigns with a high conversion rate. This article takes a look at how to establish a waiting list and everything you need to create a waiting list.

How to create a waitlist

Create a Landing Page

Your first step is to design a landing page where your audience will opt-in and join your waiting list.

Your landing page serves the function of an elevator pitch to people contemplating joining your waiting list. It’s created utilizing language that pitches your concept and the benefits folks on your waiting list will gain for joining you early.

Your landing page should have;

  • A compelling headline that focuses on the advantages
  • High-quality writing that is benefits-based
  • A clean design that is not distracting
  • An excellent button with a clear call-to-action

The landing page should have an enticing call-to-action that will entice your readers to join the waiting list.

A landing page builder makes it simple to create a landing page. Using landing page builders like Instapage, ClickFunnels, and LeadPages, you should be able to create your landing page in minutes.

Integrate Your Landing Page With Your Email Marketing Software

After you’ve developed your landing page, the following step is to connect it to your email marketing platform.

This allows you to automatically capture the email addresses of folks who sign up for your waiting list and add them to your emailing list.

You may combine your landing page with email marketing tools such as ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, or Aweber.

Create a ThankYou Page

When someone joins your waiting list, they should be taken to a thank you page.

A thank you page should include a basic message thanking your subscriber for joining your email list.

You may further incentivize individuals to join your waiting list in exchange for priority access to the product/service you are developing.

You may also include a link on your thank you page that takes them to your website/another page that describes what they can expect from being on your list.

Create an Optin Form

The following step is to design an opt-in form that will collect your target audience’s email addresses. Optin forms are simple to design and integrate into your website, blog, or landing page.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating an opt-in form:

  • The form should be easy to fill out
  • The form should ask for the minimum amount of information
  • The form should be mobile-friendly
  • The form should have a clear call to action

Most landing page builders include a form builder that makes it simple to design an opt-in form. You may also use your email marketing software to construct an opt-in form that you can incorporate on your landing page.

Create an Event Countdown and Add it To The Landing Page

A countdown to an event should provide a definite timetable for when you will debut your product/service for everyone on the waiting list.

Countdown timers express urgency, and studies have shown that they may raise click-through rates by up to 30%.

The majority of landing page builders include an event timer that you can apply immediately to your landing page. Setting up an event timer is simple and does not require any coding knowledge.

Set Automated Email Sequences Leading Up To The Event

Set up automatic email sequences that will be delivered to individuals who sign up for your waiting list to drive engagement even further.

Automated email sequences are an excellent method to stay in touch with your subscribers and provide them with useful information about the product/service you are offering.

Email marketing software allows you to create automated email sequences that will deliver messages to your subscribers at certain periods.

Benefits of Creating a Wait List

There are various advantages to forming a waitlist, which includes the following:

Increased Exposure and Buzz; When you announce that you will be developing a waiting list for your product/service, it creates a feeling of urgency and generates excitement about your future offering.

More individuals will join up for your waiting list as a consequence, enhancing the visibility and buzz surrounding your product.

Increased Engagement and Conversion Rates; Having a waiting list tells your audience that your product is in great demand and will likely sell out quickly.

This will enhance engagement and conversion rates since people will be more likely to buy your product/service when it is released.

Preference Access to Your Product/Service; When you introduce your product or service, people on your waiting list will receive first priority over those who are not.

This is an excellent method to thank your most devoted followers and keep them engaged with your company.

Wait Lists Aid in Decision Making; Waitlists aid in decision-making for both you and your clients. The waitlist assists customers in deciding whether or not to acquire your stuff.

As a company owner, establishing a waitlist may assist you in determining the level of interest in your product and the number of individuals who are likely to acquire it.

If the demand is big enough, you can potentially utilize this information to further tailor your items.


Waitlists are an excellent email marketing method for growing your email list and effectively launching your products/services. Knowing how to construct a waitlist is critical for any business and may help you improve your lead generation and conversion rates.






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