Band Backdrops and Stage Cloths – Does Your Live Band Need One?
Band Backdrops and Stage Cloths – Does Your Live Band Need One?

Band Backdrops – Who Needs Them?

Banner World manufactures high-quality fabric band backdrops, banners, and stage backdrops in the United Kingdom.

Band backdrops, background banners, stage scrims, and stage backdrops may all be customised and printed in a number of sizes. Banner World creates unique band backdrops using a sturdy, tight-weave knitted, flame retardant polyester material. To create stunning full-color band backdrops, the newest fabric printing technology is employed. They offer a solution for any size venue, whether it’s a little bar or a major theatre.

Compared to cloth band backdrops, inexpensive PVC band banners are more difficult to hang, display, pack, and carry. Non-reflective fabrics perform nicely under stage lighting and are a photographer’s dream. Choose from hems and eyelets, as well as pole pockets, to suit your needs. A dye-sublimation print process produces vibrant, rich colours that draw attention to your best characteristics.

Custom-made band banners, background banners, band stage scrims, and band stage backdrops are available. Fabric printed backdrops give superb colour reproduction in every lighting situation. Whether your band performs in a tiny pub or a vast auditorium, these diverse band backdrops will work.

Remarkable Live Performances

Live entertainment should be an unforgettable experience. That is why Banner World specialises in creating high-impact, festival-quality bespoke backdrops for bands that are durable enough to weather the road. Premium fabric band banners are printed on a durable tight-weave knit fabric that is both flame retardant and attractive.

Custom band banners and background banners printed

Banner World creates your background banner using artwork you supply or create using their free online design tool. If you want a black backdrop, please create artwork with a CMYK colour ratio of 10:10:10:100. On stage, bands can use high-quality backdrop banner printing on a solid surface. If you want complete darkness from behind, get a Blockout Band Backdrop.

Superior-Quality Fabric Backdrops

Forever Still Band Backdrop

Premium Fabric Band Banners, Backdrop Banners, Stage Scrims, Band Scims, Custom Band Banners, and Stage Backdrops are all constructed from 210gsm Polyester. Background banners are created using Dye Sublimation print process.

Due to the Dye Sublimation method, fabric band backgrounds will not run or fade. When required, clean microscopic spots with a damp cloth or machine wash at a low temperature. Roll or fold your band backdrops between gigs to keep them in excellent condition.

Banner World creates our backdrop banners and stage scrims using the most advanced printing technology available. After the clothes have been printed, professional finishing specialists meticulously add seams, hems, eyelets, and even pole pockets. Standard finishing includes hems and eyelets. Banner World uses only premium plastic eyelets that will not rust or harm the printed backcloth.

The maximum print width on premium materials is three metres. Seams will connect panels to create backgrounds larger than this in one dimension. Alternative materials are available in widths of up to 5 metres. Additionally, there are backdrops that may be utilised on both sides.


Nothing is more critical than getting a new band’s name in front of new people. As a consequence, choosing the perfect printed stage backdrop or band banner is a multi-step process.

A well-designed band banner may impart an air of professionalism while also advertising your brand and gaining new fans at each performance.

If you’re a band that travels to various venues each week, the last thing you want is for your signage to fail you. While it’s thrilling to perform for new admirers, if they can’t remember your name, you won’t see them again.

Over time, low-cost event banners and PVC banners may shred or degrade in quality, thus impacting your image. Fabric band banners, background banners, bespoke backgrounds, and scrims easily roll up and fold away for reuse.

Is there a wrinkle visible? Iron it on a low setting and observe how quickly it vanishes. Meanwhile, their lightweight design makes them easy to pack and transport to your next occasion.

Specifications for the Band Backdrop

  • Polyester cloth with a tough 210gsm weight.
  • BS5867-2: 2008 Type B flame retardant standard
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • For a superb replication, use a dye sublimation print.
  • Anti-reflective and anti-glare finish
  • 30 degrees machine washable
  • Stitching that matches the colour scheme
  • Without a join, the maximum size in both dimensions is 2.6m to 2.9m, depending on the finish.

Stage Banners Pricing

We make it straightforward for you to determine stage banner rates! Simply enter the width and height of your Backdrop in the slots on the Banner World product page to obtain an instant pricing. Following that, you might incorporate finishing necessities (most of these are included in the price). If you buy multiple backdrops, the pricing will vary due on the amount of backdrop material used.

Any design, in full colour

Banner World uses your artwork and print-ready files, which may contain your band’s logo or another design, as well as photographic or creative backdrops. Picture banks such as the Adobe Stock Library provide hundreds of high-resolution background themes and ideas for a modest price.

Banner World prints them using dye-sublimation technology, which results in vibrant colours and photo-quality pictures. Fabrics up to 3.2m wide may be printed to form enormous seamless panels, or panels can be merged to create gigantic one-piece backgrounds.

Superior-Quality Materials

Banner World’s normal 210gsm knitted polyester fabric for backdrop banner printing has a tight weave, which enables them to print at a high quality. As a consequence, even the most insignificant elements will be breathtaking.

Included Finishing Services

Choose between hems and eyelets or pole pockets, depending on how you intend to hang the background.

Embroidery and hem

Zip ties, cable, or rope can be used to hang banners.

Pole pockets

A top pocket is handy for securing objects to the bag using a cord or bungee. The pole gap at the bottom of the backdrop is great for securing your banner and providing tension.
Additionally, backdrops are constructed to fit across lighting setups, having eyelets in each corner to secure them with bungee clips or cable ties. A Backdrop Stand is available if you want a more compact framework.

What Are the Advantages of Fabric Band Backdrops?

Acoustic Trauma

Fabric band backdrops are lightweight and portable. If you roll or fold them, you’ll be on your way without wrinkles.
Is your backdrop becoming unclean? It’s nothing more than a simple wipe clean. They’re even machine washable at 30 degrees if things get a bit out of hand on the road.

Banner World goods are fully safe and come with a flame-resistant fire safety certificate.
They’re more ecologically friendly and recyclable than their vinyl PVC counterparts, so you can rock out knowing you’re doing your part to assist the earth.

Best of all, they pay for themselves in terms of free marketing.

Excellent Quality and Economical Band Backdrops

Have some excellent ideas but a limited budget? It is not an issue. Banner World is the cheapest background printers in the United Kingdom. They can print banners and stage backdrops at unbeatable costs while maintaining unmatched quality. All fabric band banners are completely customizable, including hems, eyelets, and pole pockets. Additionally, regardless of the area, they are easy to hang due to their lightweight, robust, and flame-resistant material.

Flame Retardancy Certificate

The Fire Certificate for this product is unique in the market since Banner World tests its materials for flame retardancy following printing and finishing. Numerous venue safety authorities have begun to reject generic fire safety certificates that cover simply the base cloth. These backgrounds have been extensively tested to ensure that they meet or exceed the requirements of BS5867-2: 2008: Type B.

Fabric Band Scrims are a more environmentally friendly option than PVC Banners.

Fabric banners are less harmful to the environment than PVC banners, which are frequently dumped in landfills.

At a reduced cost, Banner World also constructs band banners and stage scrims using standard PVC or Mesh banner material. Despite their reduced initial cost, larger inexpensive band banners are more difficult to pack away. Additionally, they require additional storage space and are not as beautiful for as long.

Banner World Blockout Band Backdrops are constructed with the same high-quality material as their Premium Backdrops but have a black resin covering on the back to completely block out light.

Satin backgrounds add a bit of glimmer and sheen.

Guide to Creating a Band Backdrop

Ascertain that your dimensions are accurate.

Please scale your artwork to the proportions of the final printed band banner. A printed background does not require artwork to have any bleed. If required, you can resize your artwork.

Ascertain that your CMYK colour settings are correct.

Please check that the colour settings on your computer are set to CMYK. Backdrop banner printers create full-color dye-sublimation prints using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks. Files given for usage with an RGB setup will be updated automatically. As a result, the colours on your printed backdrop may seem pale and faded. Banner World will verify the information before printing and will call you if required.

Positioning of eyelets on your Printed Band Banners

Please leave an about 50mm clean area inside the banner’s edge. Both the background colour and the photographs are appropriate. Text, tiny print, and logos should be kept as far away from the edges as feasible. The eyelets may hide these items. Hems and eyelets will be inserted unless otherwise requested. It is not suggested to use merely eyelets (without the hem) since the cloth may rip.
Unless otherwise specified, eyelets are roughly 500mm apart. Although eyelets are typically uniformly spaced, banner sizes may vary significantly.

Band Banners with Pockets for Poles

Banner World can add pole pockets to your band banners if necessary. Please verify that your artwork fulfils the specifications for the desired size. To fit comfortably and without exerting undue strain on the pocket seam, standard scaffold tubes require a 150mm flat pocket size. Text or important information should not be incorporated in designs or patterns with a solid color/background.

The Fundamentals of Band Banner Design

While designing a band banner, it is critical to consider viewing distances. Always strive to create artwork that is as powerful as possible. Contrasting colours will provide far more punch to your banner than mild colours.

Generally, a single band logo works well for a band background or a step-and-repeat design.

Consider the size of your text. Text that is larger is easier to read from a distance. Utilize both capital and lower case letters. Rather of using all capitals, road signs are written in a combination of upper and lower case. Your eyes will read above and below subconsciously (sentence case). The font style… Less ornate, stripy, or script fonts work nicely. Consider the backgrounds for major performers; they are frequently blank save for the band’s name.

Attempting to pack as much information as possible onto your band backdrop banner is not a smart idea. In this scenario, little is more. Keep in mind to utilise open areas of space and to allow your design to breathe. The most effective backgrounds are typically simple and uncomplicated.

Consider using a QR Code that leads to your band’s website or social media presence in your design.

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